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Tuesday, October 4, 2022
Home Government Rye Election Night: French at Rye Grill; Otis at Town Dock

Rye Election Night: French at Rye Grill; Otis at Town Dock

Supporters of Team (Doug) French and Team (Steve) Otis will be headed out tonight to watch the poll numbers come in. Team French will be at the Rye Grill and Bar (see Diana Tapper's write-up of the venerable establishment) and Team Otis will be at the Town Dock (we recommend the Maple Inn burger).

Make sure you vote before 9pm today (Tuesday, November 3rd).

And tune in to MyRye.com after polls close tonight at 9pm for election results.


  1. Team Otis @ Town Dock, for real?

    The votes are not even yet and already they are waving the white flag?

    Such a small venue for such a big man??

    I guess Otis is not expecting much of a celebration or he doesn’t have enough campaign money to party with, or a combination of both!!!

  2. Clean sweep for the French slate. Sweep for Astorino.

    The rule of law will soon be reestablished in Rye, financial sanity will be restored and our wetland treasures will be protected.

    Thank you voters – you are rational and you are right.


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