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Tartaglione: I’m Going to Flush Mr. Floatie

In a letter sent to MyRye.com, Ray Tartaglione, the antagonist behind Mr. Floatie, is claiming the 8-foot turd has been flushed.

Asked some follow-up questions in the wake of his letter, Tartaglione told MyRye.com "I believe Doug French and his team will… reestablish respect for the rule of law that protects each of us and should instinctively guide all elected officials in the performance of their duties.  Mr. Floatie and Jack A will not be attending any council meeting in the near future. The Floatie mobile will be placed in storage and – hopefully – will never again need to return to Rye."

Mr. Floatie with lifeguards 

We are not sure if that's a full flush or if Tartaglione has simply put Mr. Floatie and his two vehicles on ice, standing-by, ready to stink up Rye at a moment's notice.

Tartaglione's letter follows. What do you think? Leave a comment below.

Goodbye Mr. Floatie

Those of you who follow the Rye city council and local news may have noticed that neither I nor Mr. Floatie have been around lately.  Many of you, I’m sure, are glad.  But you can’t be any more pleased than I am.  The fact that Mr. Floatie and I can now step out of the public eye is a relief to me because it signals that Rye residents do care about health, public safety, the environment, and how their local government is run. 

Last week’s election results said it all: the people of Rye have made it clear that they want practical, transparent government and elected officials who will do more than just talk about safeguarding the environment.  Bravo, Rye! 

And, if I may say so, bravo, Mr. Floatie: You’ve embarked on a well-earned retirement after helping to focus people’s attention on the many health and environmental missteps perpetrated by the Otis administration.  One measure of the effectiveness of Mr. Floatie’s environmental awareness campaign is a recent statement by Myles Lavelle, a friend and running mate of Steve Otis.  In a Journal News article Mr. Lavelle cited the presence of Mr. Floatie and  friends at city council meetings as contributing to Otis’ defeat, "Steve respected it and  allowed it to go on because he thinks people have a right to speak, but the sideshow at  the City Council meetings weighed on him and the ticket.”

The, “sideshow,” Mr. Lavelle, is also known as free speech. If it, “weighed,” on Mayor Otis and his administration then the chips have fallen right where they belong.  And Mayor Otis, “allowed,” it to go on because my attorney reminded him that he had no other choice. 

Vote ’09 also brought a much-needed change to Rye government. The people have chosen wisely and I am confident the new administration will do the same.  I trust the new administration will look at Hen Island violations in a new, unbiased light and that the issues of potable water, mosquito infestations and untreated sewage, which have not yet been addressed, will be rectified. 

Finally, I’d really like to thank Jay Sears, publisher of My Rye.  Over the past few years, since I first tried to bring attention to conditions on Hen Island, Jay has kept an  open mind, allowed me space on the My Rye website to state my case and express  my opinions, and, instead of taking someone else’s word for the situation, gone out to Hen Island to see conditions for himself. He extends these same considerations to all who wish to express their point of view. 

Ray Tartaglione


  1. This letter and the disappearance of Mr.Floatie and his vehicles are a true testament to Ray Tartaglione’s character.

    He stood by his beliefs and the TRUTH and Rye will be better for it.

    Ray may not be a full time Resident in Rye but he shows how much he cares, more than most of our own Residents!

    He never once backed down, he told the truth, he put his reputation on the line & his family life. He took a lot of heat and not once did you ever see Ray out of character.

    Ray and I have been drawn together from different causes but it is Mayor Otis we have to thank for our relationship!
    If it weren’t for Mayor Otis telling us one lie after another Ray and I may have never met.

    Everything happens for a reason.

    Ray has helped me in so many ways and more importantly we have become close friends.

    I am proud to consider Ray a FRIEND!

  2. Amico-
    I think you are starting to actually believe your own bullcrap. You make Tataglione out to be a hero. Please.
    When nothing on Hen Island is done, which is probably the case because nothing can be done, will you continue to praise this hero when he returns to his meritless cause?
    What, going to threaten to beat me up tough guy?

  3. Henn Pecked,

    FTR – I don’t speak from both sides like most of the clowns on here. And I am definitely not afraid to reveal myself, unlike yourself!

    Unless you are attacking my family, which so many other COWARDS have ANONYMOUSLY done, you have no reason to be concerned with how tough I am!

    I don’t claim to be a tough guy, I just defend myself and my family, as I should!

  4. True testament to Ray Tartaglione’s character?????

    His lawyer claimed in the paper that he illegally replaced his septic system with a holding tank.

    He claimed on MyRye that he illegally expanded his septic system.

    Either his lawyer lied, he lied, they both lied or he performed the work illegally.

    When pressed to clarify the obvious inconsistencies, he refuses to answer and ignores the requests from several posters.

    That is all that I need to know about his character or lack thereof.

    Ray, tell the truth. Did your lawyer lie, did you lie or did you illegally modify your system?

  5. We have much to be thankful for during this holiday season:

    Rye’s Lame Duck Mayor Steve Otis, a major stumbling block to the environmental injustice allowed in Rye, was voted out of office this November thanks to all of you who care about what’s right.

    Deputy Health Commissioner Leonard Meyerson was also terminated from his position in the Westchester County Health Department due to his lack of response to health and safety concerns on Hen Island among other things.

    We are confident that a renewed sense of civic responsibility on the part of our new local and county officials will be forthcoming in 2010.

    From all of us at HEALtheHARBOR.com, we wish you health, happiness and prosperity this holiday season and in the New Year to come. We also thank you for your concern and support which has allowed us a tremendous amount of forward movement with our efforts this year.

    P.S. Add a little Ho! Ho!! Ho!!! to your holiday: click the link below or go to the
    video section
    of HealtheHarbor.com and see Santa and special guest star Mr. Floatie in Rye’s Miracle on Purchase Street
    filmed locally just last year.


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