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Incoming Mayor Doug French on WVOX Radio Today, 11am – 12pm

Hours before an expected orderly transfer of power in Rye, incoming mayor Doug French, who will take office on New Year's day, will spend an hour on the radio today fielding call-in questions from listeners and from our friends Mark Lungariello and Chris Falcone of the Rye Sound Shore Review.

Lungariello and Falcone will put questions to French on WXOV (listen live worldwide via the WVOX web site) from 11am to 12pm ET today (Thursday, December 31st, 2009).

Have a question? Leave it as a comment below and we'll ask Lungariello and Falcone to ask your questions or call-in live at 914-636-0110.

MyRye.com would like to know if French plans to continue the "open mic" portion of city council meetings (the agenda item is listed as "Residents may be heard who have matters to discuss that do not appear on the agenda."), if this agenda item will be at the "top" of the meeting (or sometimes buried so residents are forced to stay late in order to speak) or if French will pursue having residents speak at smaller, lower profile meetings (this was an alternative he mentioned during the campaign). If lower profile meetings are pursued, will they be televised on Rye TV and made available via the Internet just like council meetings?


  1. I for one could not be happier that Steve Otis is gone for good!
    I have all the confidence in the world that the New Administration will make us proud.
    I have 2 New Year Resolutions for the incoming Administration;
    1. Fix The RPD!!!
    2. Make Pedestrian Safety a TOP PRIORITY and not a joke!

    If you fix #1 that will be at least a 50% input to Pedestrian Safety.

    On January 1st the new candidates were all sworn in. Of all the speeches, Suzanna Keith hit the nail on the head; “you don’t have to be blood related to be family”.

    This is where Steve Otis just didn’t get it and with all due respect – the RPD is very close, if not already following Steve’s path!

  2. My New Years resolution is to thank Mayor Otis for his invaluable service to our community. Putting up with unrealistic people like Tartaglione and Amico who have no real issue that warrants the personal attacks that Mr. Otis endured. You should have a statue in town erected in your likeness, Steve for that reason alone.

    Still painting the sidewalk Jim? Blaming the Rye police? Ray, what are you going to do when French does NOTHING to solve your suppossed issue? Because, like Otis, there is NOTHING he can do!

    Threaten violence Jim? More charades to humiliate us all Ray? What can we expect from our Rye pulpits in the New Year?

  3. Well,Well, look who has returned, if it isn’t Mr.HennPecked himself.

    Unrealistic? No real issue?

    Yes, how unrealistic it would be to address a dangerous street and residents polluting the sound.

    How dare we think that a child getting struck and killed on the streets of Rye be a “REAL ISSUE”.

    I would love nothing better than for Rye to erect a statue of Steve Otis, our dogs need a new hydrant to pee on!

    HennPecked, anytime you would like me to paint your sidewalk just give me a hollar with your address, I’m guessing Pink would be your choice of color.

    The only thing I blame the RPD for is their LACK of ENFORCEMENT!!!
    I don’t know about you, but I’m sure as hell not thrilled w/paying $500,000 per in overtime the last 3 years. There are officers making serious overtime money and I’ll bet any amount that the one’s at the top of that list are at the bottom of the list for issuing tickets!

    What is it with you accusing me of violence? Other than defending my family in writing you have never seen an ounce of violence from me!


  4. I was just able to read what Chris has posted about Otis…. you must be joking or no maybe we should erect a statue of him, I’m
    sure we could save the hydrants and the dogs could have a beautiful new doggie pottie and the pigeons lets not forget the pigeons the only thing that will be remembered for is gracing us with MR. FLOATIES presence at all our events and not to forget the floaties in the Sound

  5. The Sound is not polluted. You, Amico, and others know that. Do you really beleive that it is? Do you beleive that anything coming out of Hen Island is polluting the sound? Further, do you feel that Otis or any other politician can do anything about it?

  6. Mr. Henn,
    I noticed you skipped over the other issues I addressed in my response to you?

    I only said Hen Island was polluting because Terry Backer, the Long Island Soundkeeper said the septic systems on Hen Island were leaking into the Sound.
    Why not test it if there is nothing to hide?

    Curious…where did the pictures in the MyRye story come from, MARS?

    I’ll be at the Council Meeting tonight if there is anything you wish to speak with me about…like painting your sidewalk!


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