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Rye PBA Clears One Box of Toys (For Tots), Help Fill the Next One

The Rye PBA has been making some good progress in their Toys for Tots toy drive. Sergeant Lou Oliver reports to MyRye.com "This year's first pick up yielded a "washing machine box size" load of toys." You can help Rye's finest fill the next toy box by using the police headquarters or city hall drop off locations.


PICTURE: Rye Police officers Dave Casale (L) and Al Hein (R). They are the Rye PBA lead officers for this year's Toys for Tots drive. The box they are pictured in front of was almost full. Dave and Al wll be bringing the next load from city hall and the police station to the regional drop off at Westy's Storage in Port Chester as soon as the boxes are filled again.


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