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Fate of Tribal Artwork in Rye’s Greenhaven Still Uncertain

In a follow-up to a MyRye.com story this past August, the fate of some 3,500 pieces of Papua New Guinea artwork at home of philanthropists John and Marcia Friede in Rye's Greenhaven neighborhood remain unclear, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The works, part of a collection of 4,000 pieces and hailed as the greatest body of Papua New Guinea artwork, were donated to San Francisco's  M.H. de Young Memorial Museum in 2003. Fast forward through some family disputes and the fact some of the art work was used as collateral, some of the art may get repo'ed by the Sotheby's auction house:

"The tentative settlement, confirmed Tuesday by attorneys involved, will give the de Young clear title to 274 of 398 pieces of Papua New Guinea artwork housed at the city-owned museum – a compilation that nation's ambassador to the United States hailed as an "unparalleled and extensive collection of masterpieces."…

John Friede said it is premature to comment before the settlement is finalized, but added that he is "very, very pleased with the progress."

Also unclear is what will happen to about 3,500 pieces at the Friedes' Rye, N.Y., home, which the couple has planned to gradually turn over to the de Young. Some could be sold to resolve the Sotheby's case in New York.

"We believe it's still (the Friedes') desire to bequeath these works to the museum," Margolis said."


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