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MyRye.com Poll: Should There Be a STOP Sign at Midland & Palisade? VOTE NOW

Citizens of Rye, cast your vote.

Should there be a STOP sign at the intersection of Midland Avenue and Palisade Road in Rye, NY? SCROLL DOWN AND VOTE NOW.

Unless you have been living under a rock since last Thursday, you are aware of the accident on Midland Avenue and Palisade Road where a boy was hit by a car (the boy is thankfully OK). The accident has once again heightened the attention being paid to pedestrian safety issues.

Today we hope you will cast your vote in a MyRye.com poll on an important pedestrian safety issue that will surely be debated at the next Rye city council meeting. The poll will be open until this Friday, January 15th at 11:59pm.


  1. A couple of things;
    Let’s all remember the PEDESTRIANS I refer to are the CHILDREN!!!
    Not saying that any human life is expendable,please do not twist my words!

    Can we PLEASE STOP referring to the children as PEDESTRIANS!

    Apparently we still have some residents living under a rock…
    I spoke with a few Rye parents that had no clue of Thursdays accident!

    By all means cast your vote here…


    These polls are nice but don’t always tell the whole story!

    P.S.- ANOTHER CHILD(12yr.old)was struck on his/her bicycle on Sunday @ noon @ the intersection of Milton Rd./Playland Prkwy…Taken to Greenwich Hospital w/Minor Injuries!

  2. Mr. Amico,
    I was out jogging Sunday morning and came upon the accident with about 20 other people. The boy wasn’t hurt (thank goodness) and more importantly, he said it was his fault. He said he went from the left side to make a right. He never saw the car. I can not imagine the pain you go through but it wasn’t the drivers fault in any of these accidents. I for one think a stop sign on Midland Avenue is going to cause more rear end accidents because the stop sign doesn’t belong. I think they don’t belong on Wappanoca either and have seen many a car almost go through that sign because it doesn’t belong. If giving you the stop sign will help ease your pain, then put it up but realistically the stop sign would not have prevented either accident on Midland Avenue. Parents and schools have to educate children how to cross the street. I am 45 years old. I still remember cross at the green and not in between and don’t cross in the middle of the road.

  3. Dear “honest citizen”,
    Since were all being honest here let me be honest with you. Children are children, each one is different and not all of them remember all the “rules of the road” as well as you might have when you were a child. If you think that by putting up a stop sign will cause more car accidents then maybe the truth is that its the DRIVERS that need to be more aware of their surroudings. There is a rule that I know quite well, and maybe YOU have forgotten this one, but its that all VEHICLES yield to PEDESTRIANS. Pedestrians being children in this case. I have a feeling that you dont live by the area this request is being made to because if you did then you would have no problem putting this stop sign up. You are never around this danger when it happens and aren’t exposed to it, you just hear about it. I believe because you dont live here you really dont have the right to vote NO on this. You are simply being selfish because it might inconvenience you when your driving through the area. Unfortunately for you this is something that you will have to deal with since this little factor that might slow down your day for 3 seconds can save a life. I can assure you that if this problem was occurring in your area you would be voting YES for the stop sign without hesitation. By having this stop sign I believe there will be less accidents and make it a safer area for children to play in. Try to think about what is more important, your inconvenience or a childs life, three seconds out of your day wont kill you, but this street without a stop sign might kill a child. Mr. Amico, I agree 100% with the request of a stop sign going up and I voted YES to it. I wish all the best that this simple request is granted.

  4. Honest Citizen,
    I am going to be BRUTALY “HONEST” here!
    You would rather have kids dieing or getting injured in trade for saving a few fender benders(if they even occur)???

    GOD, I can only pray you are not a Parent!

    You people that think you can walk in the shoes of the Amico’s are pathetic!

    Not that I would wish their pain upon any of you, but I would love to see how all of you ANTI JIM AMICO’S handle walking 2 minutes in a day of their life!!!

    I have a question for you;
    Have you ever gotten into a minor car accident where ONLY THE CAR received the injury?
    If you answered yes then you know the car can be repaired!

    Next Question;
    Now that your car is all fixed and looking pretty can you give the Amico’s the name of your body shop so they can bring their little boy in for repairs!!!

    You all should have sent in your addresses long ago to Former City Manager Paul Shew so he could have sent the COUNTY HEALTH CRISIS TEAM to your homes as he did to poor Mr.Schubert!

    For the sake of all your pathetic reputations I hope your identity never comes out!

  5. There should be a stop sign at this intersection without question.

    There is no reason not to put a stop sign there.

    Mid block stop signs appear to be a bad idea. Well marked speed bumps are a much better solution to slow traffic down mid block and have proven to be extremely effective.


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