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Rye City Council January 20th, 2010 – MyRye.com Tweets

MyRye.com's tweets from last night's city council meeting. No stop signs were approved for Midland. Council asked Brian Dempsey's Traffic & Pedestrian Safety Committee (FKA Traffic & Transportation Committee) to look at a few more things with a fresh view before council pulls the trigger on anything. Theresa Juva at LoHud.com has the details.

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Reverse chronological order:

about 9 hours ago from TweetDeck Mayor French – let's put issue @ STOPs to T&T engineers, ask @ legal exposure
about 10 hours ago from TweetDeck Mayor French – I lived in the area (Midland) for 7 years
about 10 hours ago from TweetDeck Jim Amico – a STOP sign and a cross walk. that is all we want
about 10 hours ago from TweetDeck Jim Amico – not the kids fault
about 10 hours ago from TweetDeck Rita Moreira, mother of Christofer – boy who was in accident @ Midland – "something has to be done" http://bit.ly/7XwkK2
about 10 hours ago from TweetDeck Sack and Dempsey talking STOP signs. Sack wants Midland STOP signs http://bit.ly/677F4i
about 10 hours ago from TweetDeck Midland Ave report from June http://bit.ly/91A1CZ
about 10 hours ago from TweetDeck Dempsey – use education, other recos
about 10 hours ago from TweetDeck Dempsey T&T – not recommending STOP at Midland, not a panacea
about 10 hours ago from TweetDeck Now T&T Dempsey talking @ 695K in stim cash
about 10 hours ago from TweetDeck Parking restrictions on Midland passed 7-0
about 10 hours ago from TweetDeck T&T Brian Dempsey presenting – mixed but OK on proposal. will improve sight distance but may increase speed.
about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck Midland Avenue public hearing
about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck resident wants to do Rye time capsule to mark Rye's 350th birthday
about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck Bob Zahm – on Playland Access Bridge & expanding side walk, Sonn Drive issue, looking for 2009 traffic citation #s
about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck Henry King: omnipresent, talking @ Beaver Swamp Brook
about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck Two folks speaking from Milton Harbor House: don't flush our drainage project.
about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck +2 Johnson Place peeps concerned over work at 35 Hunt Place
about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck
Tom O'Connor 26 Johnson Place @ lack of / concerns @ public notice of building projects. Checking in from last meeting.
about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck John Karras 10 Park Lane: don't have folks park on our street (what council OK'ed last meeting)
about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck Open Mic
about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck Mayor French asking for alternatives to 1037 BPR
about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck Culross report on Capital projects p. 60 http://bit.ly/5nkR5L $513K in cash, $210K in new debt that could be deferred or 4 other projects
about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck Rye City going to change name "Traffic & Transportation Committee" to the "Traffic & Pedestrian Safety Committee"
about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck 1037 Boston Post Road presentation – this is old CVS building city purchased on 2006
about 12 hours ago from TweetDeck Myers – Playland brining in "huge bucks" would be damaging to Rye – because would need to be huge increase in traffic / people
about 12 hours ago from TweetDeck Myers – looking orward to "spirited discussions" about Playland "how long do we wait for break even"
about 12 hours ago from TweetDeck Filippi asked Myers about deer, coyote. Myers mentioning same Cornell coyote study that was mentioned last meeting.
about 12 hours ago from TweetDeck Filippi sent Myers questions in advance, nice work.
about 12 hours ago from TweetDeck Councilman Rich Filippi going hi tech with laptop up on dais. Rich, do you tweet?
about 12 hours ago from TweetDeck Kevin Plunkett – ex- Rye City counsel was approved last night as deputy Westchester County Executive
about 12 hours ago from TweetDeck Rye City Council meeting just started broadcasting (8:21pm). Missed first few agenda kitems, Judy Myers talking (Item 5)
about 12 hours ago from TweetDeck Rye City Council went into exec session at 7pm, must be running over?
about 12 hours ago from TweetDeck where is the Rye City Council meeting? 8:18 and nothing on public access Rye TV

about 12 hours ago from TweetDeck where is the Rye City Council meeting? 8:18 and nothing on public access Rye TV


  1. I found particularly useful and interesting Peter J’s questions about whether or not traffic law enforcement increases or decreases public safety. Brian’s response of pointing out what the police have said about pulling someone over at the HS during drop off being likely to trigger someone to drive dangerously seems to me to beg the question because good enforcement should a.) catch someone trying to race through/past a traffic stop; b.) cause people to obey the law more often improving both safety and traffic flow.

  2. Robert,
    Why do you think Jim Amico is the only one willing to attack the issue of Enforcement pointing the blame right where it belongs?

    You continually bring the subject up but never offer a solution or give your opinion on why we have such poor enforcement and who is responsible for such?

    Rye City Council, past & present, seem to run the other way every time the subject is brought up, as Brian Dempsey did Wednesday night.

    I don’t get it, don’t our taxes pay the salaries of the RPD?
    Why do you think Connors and his officers never answer their critics?

    Shouldn’t Connors be held to the same standards as the Council and members of the Commissions in Rye?

  3. My opinion about where the blame lies for poor enforcement of Rye ordinances is irrelevant. That said, I would put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the City Council and Mayor who are responsible for directing the City Manager and Police Commissioner. The reason I keep asking for the enforcement statistics is to allow us all, objectively, to tear apart the execuses for the drop off in enforcement across all categories which has NOT been due to fewer police but due to a management decision to change enforcement patterns.

  4. Robert,
    Thank You for your answer. Unfortunately for us taxpayers, you may be right, your opinion along with the rest of ours is “irrelevant”!

    “to tear apart the execuses for the drop off in enforcement across all categories which has NOT been due to fewer police but due to a management decision to change enforcement patterns”.

    Who, in your opinion, do you think made this “management decision”?

  5. It’s interesting Mr. Amico noticed Councilman’s Sack lack of response before the elections. Mayor French sat silently in the audience at the monthly meetings. IMO, the council now wants to silence Mr. Amico. The council has no use for him anymore. He has done his job. To do that the council has ignored T&T recommendations and have politically positioned themselves in favor of the stop sign. As I predicted weeks ago, this is ending in the “Mission Accomplished” scenario. While disrespecting the T&T committee’s findings the council sides with public opinion and then pretends they’re shocked at the T&T’s findings. Nothing is going to happen here especially on the subject of safety for ALL Rye school kids. The only difference between this gov’t and the last is this one is willing to throw all their support staff under the bus for political gain.

  6. Without opining on one side or the other, I really don’t think the French Administration would go that route. If it is a simple solution as people think it is, then I would envision the new administration putting up the stop sign, just to show how something that was bogged down for years is easily resolved with “new thinking.”

    The fact that they too can not resolve this easily makes me think that there are other issues to consider:

    If Rye loses over $600k of grant money, that’s not good. If traffic engineers say that that location does not need a stop sign, and one is put up anyway, does it open the city up to massive liabilities?

    Of course, what we are trying to do in the end is protect the residents of Rye, especially the children.

    Agree with it or not, finances (may) have a lot to do with it. It’s possible that since neither accident was due to the driver, the city may be leaning towards a fiscal point of view (for now).

    Personally, I’m surprised that the French administration didn’t just vote to put on up.

    Damn the torpedoes!!!

  7. Real Deal – are these the same T&T members that we can thank for the multiple redundantly dangerous stop signs on Wappanocca? Or the $ame engineer’$ who brought political cover for $o many co$tly failure$ of the prior admini$tration?

    The neighborhood around the intersection of Palisade and Midland is not inhabited by engineering morons – they LIVE THERE and bear witness to countless examples of near misses and “boy that was close” moments.

    If the November voting patterns of those three districts which converge at that intersection tell us anything they appear to indicate resentment of the disrespect inflicted by the entire drawn out “process” that the previous administration pushed on them. Or for even greater resentment – see the voting results of the three districts which converge on the Central Avenue Bridge.

    Perhaps it would be safest all around to just agree to blame….George Bush?

  8. I love how everyone assumes the drivers are not at fault!
    Just because an accident occured for a reason other than speeding it does not automatically let the driver off the hook!

    Did you know that Mr.Vallarelli’s (driver that killed Jim’s son) license to operate a motor vehicle was revoked by the State of NY bc of that accident???
    A License to drive is a PRIVALEGE not a RIGHT!

    Real Deal,
    You might think you are right, but I happen to know otherwise, FACT! Don’t ask, I’m not about to tell.

    How about the timing of today’s storm?
    Knocking out power across various areas of Rye and forcing the City to put up “TEMPORARY” STOP SIGNS at various intersections!

    I personally can’t wait to see the City Managers Office and Mr.Dempsey squirm as he blows more holes in their ridiculous theories!

    Looks like Jarrid has just provided his Dad with more firepower in his quest for Stop Signs.
    Avg. Citizen,
    How about this spin….Lets assume that Chris’s family will be sueing the City of Rye for ignoring the Dangers brought forward by Jarrid’s accident and Mr.Amico relentlessly pointing out these Dangers for the past 4 years.
    can you now say “MASSIVE LIABILITIES”….How about if they don’t install a STOP SIGN and another child is injured…can you now say “MASSIVE LIABILITIES”!!!

    Listen to your selves…for god sakes we are talking about the safety of the CHILDREN and one STOP SIGN!

    How many STOP SIGN accidents have any of you been in? How many people do you know that have been in a STOP SIGN accident? how many of these “ENGINEERS” do you actually think have had a STOP SIGN accident?

    ENOUGH ALREADY….this dialogue has really gotten out of control!

  9. (Not)Above Average Citizen:

    Re-read my post. I was just throwing out ideas as to why, that’s all. I even said I thought the French Administration would put one up. And finally, did you see where I wrote “Of course, what we are trying to do in the end is protect the residents of Rye, especially the children.”???

    It’s amazing how someone posts something that someone doesn’t agree with 100% and they flip out!

    And without putting words in Jim’s mouth, I recall him saying on numerous occasions that the driver in Jarrid’s accident was not at fault. If I am mistaken, then I apologize in advance.

    But really people — we’re all Rye residents. If someone starts name-calling or being a wise-ass, then give them a piece of your mind. But when adults are conversing, you really show your immaturity when you freak out. Oh…and BTW — Don’t hide behind the “WE’RE TALKING ABOUT OUR CHILDREN!!!” That is the EXACT reason not to freak out — for our children. Again, if the discussion is civil, it should stay that way.

  10. Average Citizen – I have passed the data I received to the publisher of this site to post – as they see fit.
    AboveAvg.Citizen – I view the Mayor and City Council as collectively responsible because they are elected to provide oversight and direction to city employees. Some may call it micromanaging, but if the City Council doesn’t know about a significant drop off in traffic enforcement, then they are not doing their jobs. If they do know, but take no action to fix it, then they are still not doing their jobs.

  11. Avg.Citizen,
    My post was not meant to be offensive.
    I was not flippn out or freakn out, just a few caps to make points, I didn’t consider u were being a wise***,etc. etc.
    Was not attempting to be uncivilized and even tho I was disagreeing with some of your opinions I do agree with some of what you said. I never insulted you, as you just did to me in reference to(Not).
    I was giving my opinion.

    I never mentioned Jim’s opinion or any official’s other than the State of NY, which I was simply pointing out!

    If you speak w/his wife or listen and read her comments she blames the drivers in both accidents!

    You should ask her to describe the woman’s reaction from the most recent accident to you!

    FTR- Jim, from the very beginning said the man should not have been driving at his age(82). hence…NYS REVOKED LICENSE!

  12. Avg. Citizen,

    The French Admin is looking for scapegoats to fill their committees. Anyone willing to volunteer their time to serve this gov’t should think twice. Mayor French is trying to set up a structure where the Council will never be responsible for any decisions and leave them opportunity to throw the committees under the bus and side with public opinion. To me, it’s painfully obvious what is shaping up. This Council knows nothing about Traffic Safety but votes to put up a stop sign even when it may cost Rye $600,000?? I wouldn’t want to be on the opposite side of public sentiment on any issue with this gov’t. Are we bring back public stonings?

  13. Real Deal,
    So far there hasn’t been any decision to put a Stop Sign up that would cost us the $695,000.

    Let me refresh your memory, Otis & Co. lost us $250,000 for the BPR DIET bc they cracked under public pressure & moved on the project b4 receiving the money after the Emanuel’s daughter was hit by a car!

    The word on the street is Jim has something very special in store for the next meeting, you don’t want to miss this BlockBuster!!!

  14. “So far there hasn’t been any decision to put a Stop Sign up that would cost us the $695,000.”

    No decision? I thought the council voted 8-0 for a stop sign? So are you agreeing with me that the vote was political BS designed to say to Jim Amico “well Jim, we tried but there is nothing we can do” so Jim will go away? Did the council know that there was nothing they could do before the election but chose to capitalize on this issue for their political gain? Additionally, they threw the T&T committee under the bus which doesn’t bode well for future committee decisions.
    Of course the knee jerk reaction is going to be let’s put up a stop sign. What people should be taking way from the T&T’s decision is that, according to the Traffic experts, a stop sign may be more dangerous than no stop sign. If that is the case, did the council just vote to put our children in MORE danger?

  15. Real Deal,
    Why does it seem you are so confused?
    I’m pretty sure what I said isn’t all that difficult to follow or are you intentionally twisting what I am saying?

    There was no official vote, maybe we both need to review the meeting?

    Traffic Experts?
    Is that what we are calling them now a days?
    The only person on the entire T&TC that is qualified to even be thought of as an expert is Brian Dempsey!
    There isn’t even a member of the PD on it!
    Brian Dempsey has shot down/disagreed w/every single request for a stop sign from various Rye residents for multiple locations, do you not see something wrong with this?

    BTW-It’s my understanding the purpose of the commissions (T&TC) is to recommend/suggest to the Council. It doesn’t mean that their recommendations are always right! The Council/Mayor has the final decision.

  16. No they didn’t vote. But they made their positions known. As far as Mr. Amico is concerned , I hope Mr. Amico gets what he wants.As far as I’m concerned, a stop sign on Midland is a red herring. A distraction from the real issues associated with the chaos that consumes Rye every school morning and afternoon. Even Mr. Amico observed the miracle of kids not being run over by cell phone carrying parents at drop off and pickup. How will a stop sign fix that problem? That problem exists in the school parking lots. Like I said weeks ago, fixing Rye’s safety one intersection at a time is a kludge. Busing is the only real solution which wouldn’t require traffic enforcement, stop signs, cross walks, crossing guards,etc. Just take a trip to any sane town in Westchester and see how well busing keeps their kids safe. I find it extremely perplexing why busing has never been brought up as a solution. Instead we spend countless hours one intersection at a time.

  17. Real Deal,
    Thank You.
    I do with all my heart and soul believe a Stop Sign is the answer for the intersection of Midland/Palisade.
    Much more has happened there over the years that is never spoken about.
    Do I think Stop Signs are the answer for every safety problem in Rye…No.
    Do I think Stop Signs might be of help at other intersections in Rye…Yes.

    I am amazed @ the IGNORANCE from the amount of Moms I witness everyday putting their own children along w/mine and yours in harms way while either talking on their cells while driving to & from school or speeding!

    If I had to put a number on it I would say 70% of the drivers I witness day in and day out speeding on Midland Ave. and all over Rye are RYE PARENTS!

    How disgusting that these parents, mostly Moms, drive like this!
    How do I know this…..that’s easy…Their cars have Elementary School Identifying Magnets pasted all over them!

    Nothing like advertising who you are and that you don’t care!!!

    As for the subject of Busing the kids to and from school….you couldn’t be more correct!
    We always had busing in the past, not sure why they did away with it but it sure as hell would make Rye, especially around the schools, a hell of a lot SAFER!

    The block(Ellis to Goldwin) that the council just voted on to eliminate parking, which I initiated, always use to be a NO PARKING ZONE until they did away with the buses. They allowed parking there with NO RESPECT to the residents they put in DANGER by doing so!


  18. As I understand it, busing was eliminated in Rye more than 10 years ago because of the expense (if provided to public schools, ALL children in the District who attend private schools by state law are also to be provided busing to their schools wherever they are) and the pollution (remember, Rye has a leaf blower ordinance too). There may have been other issues, but I could see adding back busing increasing taxes by a million a year w/o solving the pedestrian and child safety problem. Are you REALLY going to bus kids who live within a few blocks to school? Within a half mile? Do you expect Rye drivers to commence consistently respecting the need to stop at school bus drop off and pick up points? It’s not happening now.

  19. Mr. Amico,

    You’re Welcome. I can see that your intersection has it’s problems. My problem lies in the real solution to the total safety issues of school children and the politics behind it. I feel you have been used by the new Council. IMO, They used your story to gain Council seats while knowing full well the issues surrounding why Otis’s Council didn’t just throw up a stop sign. The disingenuious
    act put on at the Council meeting the other night about not knowing about the money at stake was interesting to watch. I have a deal for you. I’ll support your cause if you support mine. Mine has to do with kids too. It has to do with teaching kids to respect authority especially our men in blue. It seems like only yesterday after 9/11 when citizens all over the US were thanking our police and firefighters for their sacrifice and service. Today in Rye, it seems in vogue to trash the police. Robert Zahm insinuated they’re not doing their job. You’ve insinuated it. and the latest attempt was Peter Jovanovich’s insinuation at the last meeting that the cops weren’t doing their jobs. He spouted out stats. Stats can be spun many ways but the important issue here is that the kids of Rye are watching. The kids of Rye are emulating the example we set as adults. Are we bringing up and teaching a generation of cop haters in Rye? It’s disgraceful. I can say with a high level of confidence that the police in this town are the least of our problems and they should be treated with respect. That respect should be taught to our kids. Without that respect we’ll have total chaos.

  20. Robert,

    There is no substitution for busing and money shouldn’t get in the way. Busing is less pollution not more. Busing makes the drop off safer and the pickup safer. It makes the chaos at the school disappear. It eliminates any risky scenarios that don’t apply to intersections. I also think that if people are concerned about letting their kids even walk 10 feet to school that they have the option of puttting them on a bus.

  21. RealDeal –
    1. Busing will NOT solve any safety problem. It will change traffic patterns which MAY improve safety, but then again, not. Busing will not address the students who live w/i a mile of their schools and should be walking. Busing typically kicks in at > 2 miles distance from a school when it is offered.
    2. Re insinuating that the police are not doing their jobs – my point has been that city management is to blame for directing the police to activities other than what appears to be traffic law enforcement. I think that the Rye Cops are doing as they’ve been directed.

  22. Real Deal,

    I respect where you are coming from and you may be right, learned behavior could be very damaging when it’s negative learned behavior, I get it.

    Maybe saying the cops are not doing their job is a bit to general! In the past I use to blame just the patrolmen & women until my eyes were opened to all the VERY SERIOUS MANAGEMENT ISSUES the RPD HAS!

    Yes, they come when you call in or dial 911 or when there is an accident, etc. etc.
    But how about when a resident files a complaint over & over & over & over & over, well you get it, and they ignore these complaints? Straight from the horses mouth I was told they were instructed “go out to Midland Ave. and prove Jim Amico wrong”.
    Now I guess you can say they were doing their job by doing what they were told.
    Lets throw in what happened to me on Jan.7th. Trust me when I tell you, I did nothing to warrant that and everyone will hear the truth soon enough. Oh, and lets not forget that HORSES*** the RPD fed the Rye Record for their Police Blotter!
    Is anything I described to you considered “doing their job” or “respect”?
    Respect should only be given when received!!!!

    I disagree w/you on the statistic opinion, THE NUMBERS DONT LIE and neither do MY EYES! I didn’t need the statistics to show me ENFORCEMENT was down, I can see that CLEARLY!

    So now knowing both of our opinions and until the Mayor and the City Manager’s Office addresses the internal issues at the RPD how do we go about this and our deal?
    Keep in mind there was a “Vote of No Confidence” taken against Commissioner Connors by 80% of his men & women in blue that was NEVER ADDRESSED! The other 20% were not present to vote for various reasons!

  23. Bob,
    I am not totally disagreeing with you on the enforcement issue; my opinion is no secret… but it would seem since 80% of the force gave a “Vote of No Confidence”, which badly needs to be addressed, that the men & women of the RPD who are being heavily critisised would defend themselves since they want Connors out so bad!
    I understand the vote of no confidence speaks to that but it is obviously ignored and the cops are taking the hit instead of or along with their Superiors!

  24. “Are we bringing up and teaching a generation of cop haters in Rye? It’s disgraceful.”

    I think Jimmy just answered this one best but so you know, many writers here have very close associations with and deeply respect Rye’s rank and file. As a kid I spent many hours in the homes of local policemen and learned much about the human species in those sessions. The 80% No Confidence statistic in Rye is an astounding one. There’s been nothing like it, I believe, in the past 50 years. And of course it’s NOT a reflection on the rank and file – it’s a secret ballot judgment by them about their leadership – a very small group of men. We can do much better.


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