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Rye PBA Prez Compagnone on Lawsuit Against Chittenden : “I’m Sorry”

In response to an inquiry about the Rye PBA's lawsuit against former Rye cop Tim Chittenden, Rye PBA President Franco Compagnone released the following statement to MyRye.com expressing regret for the entire matter and providing a draft copy of the complaint against Chittenden and a letter received by the Rye PBA from Chittenden in December (page one and page two) when this entire matter was unfolding.

Compagnone's statement:

"…this is huge embarrassment to our Membership.  A person we trusted like brother took advantage of our friendship for selfish benefits… I just want the community to know that we are a charitable organization, we give 100% back in the form of PBA contributions, scholarship awards, children's activities and charitable causes. Tim took advantage of that Charitable spirit that exudes from the Rye community and Police Association. I can't tell you how much this has bothered myself personally thru the Holiday season trying to resolve this matter in an orderly fashion. To this day I don't there are any words that can be said to the Rye community than, I'm sorry that this happened. I hope they understand the circumstances of how it happened and that we had total trust in this person not only with our lives at work, but with our total finances."


  1. That’s great Franco. Why did you feel a need to prove this to us? Is there some guilt in your mind perhaps?

    Where is the proof of the Alleged $179,000 you are accusing this man of stealing?

    Nothing in these letters shows anything resembling anyone stealing $179,000???

    This is your case? No wonder you are not taking it to the DA!!

    I don’t remember Tim ever speaking out against you when you and your 2 fellow officers beat the s*** out of an 18yr.old during a routine traffic stop! I wonder what will cost us more…. THE LAWSUIT BROUGHT AGAINST YOU & your fellow officers or the ALLEGED $179,000????

    Looks like your trying to do some damage control, go back to Mt.Vernon.

    You paint yourself as some kind of SAINT when in reality you are the COMPLETE OPPOSITE!

  2. Officer Compagnone,

    Since you now have publicly shown all the Rye Residents how much you care, can you please show us if you are a contributor to the HUGE DROP in written violations or are you one of the few that actually writes tickets?

    Maybe you can post your daily activity sheets since we are on the subject of DISHONESTY!

    BTW- Since you are revealing all your deep down feelings, how do you feel about your boss hitting that kid? Rumor has it, Connors was in the wrong?

  3. What I find most interesting is that although I do not know anything about Officer Compagnone, the story isn’t about him. You are trying to blind-side people and make the story about Compagnone’s maybe checkered past. The story is about Chittenden stealing funds from the PBA. How much money do they get from donations? How much money do they raise from their golf outing? Why am I putting money into Chittenden’s pockets. That my friend is the real story.

  4. Honest Citizen,

    Does a drug addict make a credible witness? NO!

    Do you take the word of a checkered past(and present) NO!

    What makes Tim so guilty and Franco so innocent?
    We are only getting one side!
    These are allegations, no one has been found guilty of anything!

    “checkered past”??? He brought it with him to RYE!!! Are you aware of the lawsuit brought against him? He put a kid in the Hospital!!!

    Keep in mind that Tim held Franco’s hand for the last 2 years because he didn’t have a clue! Franco was aware of much more than he is revealing, he didn’t fall off a cross!!!
    There is another side to this, until both sides are out it’s “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”!!!

    When this plays itself out and it turns out in Tim’s favor, the only thing Franco will accomplish is DESTROYING the Rye PBA!!!

    Nice job Franco?

  5. LMAO!!! oooooooo PHWanco is in TWOUBLE!!!

    Looks like your fellow officers are not to happy with you!!!


    Who was covering his *** during entertainment hour???
    Probably his fellow officers, why aren’t you guys ratting on him???

    Do his superiors know of this?

    Bye Bye Franco!

  6. The DA’s office has been notified and is in contact with the PBA, the wheel are in motion. Did Tim think he was going to ride off into the sunset of retirement with no repercussions? Did Tim make a public statement? I think if he is right and can prove Compagnone wrong, he should do sooo. Come on Tim, you never were at a loss for words, especially behind blogs names. Come see you former colleagues, be a man, clear your name and your families name, instead of deflecting. Deflecting the topic from the truth is not going to stop the wheels of Justice, and you will here these words soon enough, “you have the right to reamian silent”.

  7. I have to disagree with you RightToRemain, I think Compagnone is a violent person just as Ukiddme and dunkyourdonuts, those are the facts, we should call up MVPD right now and have sent back. Not that Tim was sued for Cival rights violations ago for beating up a person in the Lobby of the PD….thats water under the bridge…how many of the Rye residence had one of those famous Tim Chitty run in’s when he was workin?… Dunkin and ukiddin, should not throw stones, you have a fair weather memory. must be the percasets effecting your memory, I am sure your not addicted, not!

  8. Anyone know why there is a lien on Dunkins and ukideme’s house and bank accounts? how could this be? why? I mean Having your own Business, Officer tax free salary, Blank checks in the form of PBA accounts, how could this happen? I think I smell that rat again, but this time he should look in the mirror and he will see that rat looking right back at him.

  9. I think Dunkins and Ukidinme’s Home is gonna be on MTV “cribs” the criminal version. show off the boat, the 5 cars, pool Table, 60 inch lcd TV, living the life! wonder if he bought all that in cash and it corresponds to when Cash with drawls where made from the PBA account? ohhh well i am sure Janet will have a court order to gather all that info, they have professional auditors , even for those accounts made to the maiden name. but yeah back to those other violent officers, please lock your doors everyone! But instead welcome happy go lucky Tim into your home where he will smile at you while he robs you blind. hypocrite is what he is

  10. How come no one has heard from this guy? at least statements where made by the PBA President, they clearly state they have bank statements that support every dime of that 180 thousand number, its not “alleged” or or “not exactly sure” or “imaginary”, its the facts. the fact is that Dunkin and Ukiddin refuse to face these factual accountings for what he did. Come respond to the Facts, show your face hold your head up high and take responsibility. living in the world of the “blogs” is not going to make you immune to the Facts, Civil and criminal charges. Deflecting is at best immature, which you are the master of, But just like you blinked when the city drew a line in the sand in regards to your disciplinary and you retired before you could as you always stated “prove them wrong” and “expose the city and department heads” you ran, you fought the battle till D day finally came and then ran home with your tail between your legs.

  11. Nice assumption.

    When I have something to say, and you all know I usualy do, you can be sure you will know it came from me!

    Timmy is a dear friend, not worried about him, he can take care of his own business.

    Leave me out of this!

  12. After getting a first look at some of the background documents provided so far by MyRye.com (Thank you, Jay) I had a flashback to a scene from the movie “Wall Street” where the young stock broker, played by Charlie Sheen, is arrested in his office and taken out in cuffs. Charlie’s human weasel of a boss – a guy who lords Charlie’s skills for making money over much of the rest of the staff until it is exposed that Charlie is linked to a massive inside trading case – dramatically turns on a dime and denounces Charlie with a venomous “I always knew he was some kind of cheat!” or some such retort.

    In this case I believe the human weasel role may be being played by the “shocked” union leader(s) but I’m much less certain that Mr. Chittenden is guilty of anything at all much less an outright crime. And of course no official response has yet been provided by Mr. Chittenden – this is typical when charges are brought to the media to shock and sway public opinion in advance of some pending non-public issue not yet identified to the rest of us non combatants.

    Before the media got the tip about any of this it was becoming known throughout the city that “they finally got Chittenden.” Like with the arrest of Jimmy Amico a few weeks back, the carrier of this “happy” news was allegedly a member of the embattled senior management of the Rye PD. That if true presents a curious pattern – one any detective could I believe recognize. Much more to come here I think but I’m not sure current union management has yet demonstrated anything more than a sudden remorse for the cumulative disbursements associated with running the union while fighting a so named “frivolous and retaliatory” series of actions against the former Rye City administration. Again, thanks for the documents Jay.

  13. It doesn’t matter how long Compagnone knew about the discrepancies in the accounts. The fact is he knew about it and he came forward. For all of you who say he is a “rat” – he came forward with the truth. Please God I hope Tim rots in jail for all of the things he has or has tried to do.

  14. Honest Citizen,

    One side of any story is never the truth!

    I am not saying Tim is innocent, I am also not saying he is Guilty, all his critics want him to be Guilty!

    Being accused of something doesn’t make a person Guilty!

    It will be quite sometime before we have “all the answers” and until then no one is guilty!

    I hope for the sake of the City of Rye and the PBA along w/Compagnone himself that Officer Compagnone isn’t proven wrong!!!

    Compagnone isn’t the sharpest knife in the draw, I think I will sit back and watch this one unfold!
    Should be one for the ages! Popcorn Anyone?

  15. Posted by: honest citizen
    “It doesn’t matter how long Compagnone knew about the discrepancies in the accounts. The fact is he knew about it and he came forward. For all of you who say he is a “rat” – he came forward with the truth.”


    Oh, but it does matter! “He came forward with the truth” (aka SNITCH)perhaps because it was part of the deal he cut for himself!!
    If he were clean himself , he should have come forward with the information immediately.


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