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Rye Police Commissioner Connors’ Vehicle Strikes 8th Grader – Report

UPDATE: See Mayor French's statement regarding the accident.

This is like a bad dream. And getting worse…

Apparently a vehicle being driven by Rye Police Commissioner William Connors struck an 8th grader from Resurrection School this afternoon by Rye City Hall and Boston Post Road, according to a report by AOL's Patch.com. This comes as there is a mounting call in Rye City to make pedestrian safety a "front burner issue". See Bob Zahm's MyRye.com column from earlier today: Bob Zahm: Put Traffic Data on Rye City Web Site, Explain Enforcement Drop-Off.

The report from Patch said in part:

"Lt. Joseph Verille with the Rye Police Department said Police Commissioner William Connors was driving the vehicle when he struck the young boy… The victim, whose name has not been released, was alert and talking with EMS technicians and his mother, according to authorities. He was transported by ambulance to an unspecified hospital… Connors, who was still at the scene after the victim was transported by ambulance, refused to comment on the incident."


  1. No comment from Public Enemy #1….NOW THERE IS A SURPRISE!!!

    I wonder if any of us would get that luxury!!!!

    According to Jay Sears, a.k.a MyRye, Jim Amico was arrested because of a supposable comment he made to Connors!!!

    The best thing to come out of this is 1st and most important is that this child and his/her family has a full recovery & the second is Connors is at FAULT!!!

  2. My prayers go out to the family and I hope that the injuries aren’t serious.

    As for your comment “No comment from Public Enemy #1….NOW THERE IS A SURPRISE!!!

    I wonder if any of us would get that luxury!!!!”

    C’mon — first of all, if you just struck a child, would you give a comment to the Press? If you would, than I question your intelligence.

    And you hope that Connors was at fault? Wow…talk about a twisted statement. Hopefully you made that in “the heat of the moment.”



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