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The MyRye.com House Project

Backyard 03-21-2010 163 

(PHOTO: The ultimate man toy. What our backyard looks like. We'll show you the rest of the house in future installments of the MyRye.com House Project.)

We had the good fortune of moving to Rye in 2001. Soon after we moved we started talking about the day we'd renovate our home. That day arrived last Monday, March 15th.

Over the next six months, this writer will report and document the transformation of our Rye home. You can share in our excitement and frustration and provide us advice and I-told-you-so's as you please. We'll introduce you to our architect, our contractor and our green home guru. We think we have a great team and a great plan in place to produce a home that will have us living in Rye for a long time.

We are also planning many green components including cellulose insulation, geothermal heating and cooling and solar power. We will share what we have learned and introduce you to the various sub-contractors handling these green initiatives.


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