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Home Government How Much for Rye City Hall?

How Much for Rye City Hall?

Well, at least the guy is creative.

Local State Assemblyman George Latimer is sponsoring a bill allowing local villages, towns, cities and counties greater flexibility in leasing naming rights for government-owned facilities in return for much-needed money. Under current rules, local governments are restricted in the ways they can approach a corporation or an individual to lease such rights.

This could go all sorts of ways… What sponsor would you use with a Rye City facility, group or function? Leave a comment below…

Local sponsors:

The Amico Traffic & Transportation Committee– or should I say The Amico Traffic & Pedestrian Safety Committee.

The Ted Carroll Property Tax Search function on the city web site.

The Mr. Floatie Storm Water Pollution information on the city web site.

National sponsors:

The Verizon free text messaging High School.

The Toyota Highlander Town Park.

Cash4Gold.com Finance Committee.

"If an enterprising village or town can find the right combination to gain thousands of dollars in naming fees, then it is that much less that would be paid for by the hard-pressed property taxpayers," said Latimer.


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