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MyRye.com House Project: “Donation” and “Demo” Days

House-sun porch gone 

(PHOTO: Sun porch, gone.)

The MyRye.com House Project construction began on Monday, March 15th. The first two days were consumed by donation and demolition.

First, we donated.

If you are planning a renovation, a number of groups will help you salvage items of commercial value from your home for re-use. This typically results in a tax deduction for you and prevents these items from going into the dumpster and instead puts them to good use.

We used Green Demolitions, headquartered in Greenwich. This non-profit took items from us such as sinks, vanities, toilets, appliances and our gas fired boiler (here is a list of items they accept). You or your contractor can schedule a pick-up (they will, if you want, help remove the items from your home) and you will receive a receipt for all the items. Green Demolitions sells the items, the money goes to fund Green Demolitions and All Addicts Anonymous (AAA), a Twelve-Step program adapted for all addicts and all addictions, and you get a tax deduction. You can also shop for items at Green Demolitions – they have many new or almost new items.

Our second donation stop was Habitat for Humanity of Westchester. Executive Director Jim Killoran will be arranging for the pick-up of our storm windows (as soon as our contractor BHK is ready to remove them). Habitat will put them to good use.

Our green guru Judy Martin suggested some other folks to try as well including Build It Green! NYC, Furniture Sharehouse, Westchester FreeCycleConstruction Materials Recycling Association and Earth 911 but we were all set with Green Demolitions and Habitat.

Then BHK demo'ed. See the MyRye.com House photo album of the first two days of the demo.


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