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Home Events NASA Astronaut Adds Library to Rye Mission Schedule

NASA Astronaut Adds Library to Rye Mission Schedule

RYE RESIDENT Nicholas Patrick on space walk w earth behind427671main_s130e009564_hires 

NASA Astronaut Nicholas Patrick has added the Rye Free Reading Room to his "mission schedule" when he visits Rye this week.

Patrick, who will be visiting all three Rye elementary schools this Wednesday and Thursday was persuaded to add a program at the library this Wednesday, April 7, 6:30pm – 7:30pm in the Community Meeting Room.

Dr. Patrick, who considers Rye one of his home towns (he attended Osborn and Midland schools), reported to NASA’s Johnson Space Center for astronaut training in August 1998. He had already logged over 308 hours in space before his most recent space shuttle Endeavor (STS-130) mission this February—during which he completed three space walks.

On Wednesday, Patrick will have a video presentation—with his live narration—about his missions into space and his work with NASA. A question and answer session after the video  will follow.


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