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Roof Comes Down on the MyRye.com House

MyRye House Ron and Craig attack roof 03-31-2010-004 

(PHOTO: Ron Pascione and Craig Simandl of BHK Builders show no mercy.)

The old roof came down on the MyRye.com House on March 31st. We'll be putting a few bedrooms on the top left side, an attic space will go on the top right side and we will straighten out the roof to make room for solar panels (more about those in another article).

MyRye.com Roof Shingle Sandwich 04-07-2010-056 

(PHOTO: Shingle Sandwich: bad for your house.)

Prior owners did what you are never supposed to do – putting roof shingles on roof shingles on roof shingles vs. taking the old shingles off before putting on new ones. Doing this reduces the life of your shingles and if you put too many layers on top of one another the sheer weight of the shingles will create a dangerous situation with your roof (it can actually collapse).

Enjoy the video of Ron Pascione disassembling the MyRye.com House roof and see MyRye.com's photo album of the roof demo.


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