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Home Food Holy Pupusa - Rinconcito Migueleno in Port Chester Rocks

Holy Pupusa – Rinconcito Migueleno in Port Chester Rocks


MyRye.com Rating*: 5 Garnets

Authentic. And really good food.

If you want to feel like you have stumbled into an excellent joint along the Pan American highway, don't head to JFK and get on a plane. Drive over to 118 Westchester Avenue in Port Chester and enjoy Rinconcito Migueleno.

Rinconcito Migueleno outside 017

This no frills neighborhood restaurant serves excellent El Salvadoran and Guatemalan dishes at bargain prices. If you are a fan of Mexican food, head a bit further south and try one of our new favorites.

Pupusas 015

For $6.50 – about the price of a Happy Meal – you can order two pupusas, rice and beans and two of the best plantains I've ever had. Pupusas are corn tortillas stuffed with cheese, pork or other tasty delights – I described them as the Salvadoran equivalent of a quesadilla to our nine year old.

Seafood dinner 016

We also had a mixed seafood plate (about $15 if memory serves). It came with clams, mussels and shrimp and was served with rice and salad. Rinconcito Migueleno does not have a liquor license so they were kind enough to let me go next door to the bodega and bring in a couple beers ($1.75 each).

The staff does not speak too much English, but we muddled through with my high school Spanish, pointing and smiles. The check for the three of us was $31 plus tip. Rinconcito Migueleno was a real treat. It was a nice change to take a ride down the Pan American highway and enjoy authentic, fresh Latin American food so close to home.

A special thanks to MyRye.com commenter Jimbuktu for calling our attention to this gem.  

Rinconcito Migueleno, 118 Westchester Ave, Port Chester.

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