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Memorial Day Observance in Rye

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A service on Memorial Day (Monday, May 31st), organized by the local Veterans of Foreign Wars, will be held from 10-11:30am on the steps
of Rye City Hall.

What memories do you have of a Rye veteran who served our country? Leave a comment and share your memories with MyRye.com readers.

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  1. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to be invited to American Yacht Club for their annual Memorial Day celebration. The weather was perfect and the sunset was magnificent as the Commodore addressed the crowd after dinner and during “colors” (The lowering of the flag at sunset).

    During the Commodore’s speech, he addressed Bob Schubert and four of his guests sitting at his table. Those guests were active duty Navel officers that were friends of the Schubert’s son Christopher – two of them had attended the Navel Academy with Christopher. Two are Navy pilots and two are pilot navigators. They were all present when Christopher received his wings this spring in Pensacola Florida.

    Christopher Schubert was not in attendance because he was recently deployed overseas to defend the country, as will be the other officers that were seated at the Schubert table. I cannot tell you how proud I was just to be sitting at the same table with Bob and these four great young men that are defending our country. As the Commodore acknowledged Christoheper and these men, I could see the sense of well deserved pride displayed by Bob and Rita Schubert.

    I think this is a perfect time to acknowledge World War II veteran Bob Schubert for the sacrifices he and his generation made to protect our country and the freedom that we all enjoy day after day here at home. I think is also appropriate to share with you my profound disappointment in the way The City of Rye has treated Bob Schubert and its own city environmental laws.

    Thank you Bob and all the men and women that are and did protect our country, today, and in the past.

  2. I applaud Bob and all of the servicemen and women who have chosen to defend our country.

    However, what does being a veteran have to do with his pond? Are you saying that because he is a veteran, he should be treated different? I’m guessing even Bob would not expect that.

    Either Bob is right or Bob is wrong with regard to the pond. The fact that he is a veteran has nothing to do with his pond AT ALL.



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