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Where in Rye?

Where in Rye is an occasional feature of MyRye.com where we show you a picture and readers tell us where in Rye you will find the place or thing. Do you have an idea about a place or thing we should feature on Where is Rye?, drop us an email.

Do you know where this is in Rye? Leave a comment below.

Where in Rye 04-11-2010 017


  1. This one is easy – it’s the passageway leading FROM the carpark by the brook to Purchase street. I believe that the dry cleaners is on the RHS of the passageway as shown in the picture.

  2. I always have fond early memories of that alley because I was taken thru there many times as a toddler to visit the now gone Stride Rite children’s shoe store run by the Sarracino family. The village is much poorer for its absence.

    Today I walked thru another alley – this one a few blocks from my office – Schubert Alley – and I retraced some of the getaway steps taken Saturday by the Times Square bomber.

    On 45th Street I asked one of the plentiful uniformed officers where the infamous Pathfinder had been left. He pointed and I walked over past the sidewalk vendors who had initially sounded the alarm.

    I looked at the spot on the street and then swiveled to my right and there stood the door to – of all things – The Lion King.

    News Question –

    “WASHINGTON (AP) – FBI official says Times Square suspect was placed on no-fly list hours before his arrest.”

    Why was the plane with him on it ever allowed to leave the gate and taxi to the runway?

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