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Another Coyote Attack in Rye Tonight

Rye PD Commish at Rye City Council 06-28-2010 

(PHOTO: Rye PD Commish Connors talks coyote at the Rye City Council meeting Monday.)

UPDATE: Mayor Doug French: "There is an active investigation right now but we can confirm another incident."

MyRye.com also heard from Suzanne Clary over at Jay Heritage Center, who hosted 45 residents attending a coyote info session with Rye PD Commish Connors. Clary's communique: "Yes very dramatic gasp as his beeper went off before he started his presentation that someone had been bitten on North Street. He rushed through background quickly and took a few questions before heading out. They have been advised by DEC that animals should be dealt with aggressively (destroyed when encountered) as they have obviously lost their natural fear of people."

What do you know about this latest coyote attack? Leave a comment below.


There are reports of another second coyote attack tonight in Rye.

A six year old was attacked by a coyote this past Friday night.

According the Rye Patch, a girl at 80 North Street in Rye was bitten on the neck. She was transported to the hospital.

North Street backs up to the Rye Nature Center.


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