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Coyote Attack: Rye PD Press Conference 10:30am Today

The Rye PD had a busy night, dealing with the second coyote attack in just three days. Just before 2am Rye Police Commissioner William Connors announced a press conference regarding the coyote attack this morning at 10:30am at Rye PD HQ.

On Saturday Rye PD held a press conference on the first attack.

June 29, 2010



A press conference will be conducted at 10:30 A.M. on Wednesday, June 30, 2010, at the City of Rye Police Headquarters, 21 McCullough Place, Rye, New York 10580, regarding a coyote attack that occurred in the City of Rye on June 29, 2010.



  1. Great Idea C.Henn, will you be the one feeding them to keep them from swimming ashore when their hunger kicks in?

    When their is a power outage or failure we call Con Ed or an Electrician…

    When their is a water main break or plumbing issue we call United Water or a Plumber…

    When a crime is committed of any nature we call the cops…

    Someone PLEASE explain to me how this serious Coyote problem is going to be resolved by any police force from any town…HARRISON,RYE,COUNTY???

    Cops are not experts on wild animals and we shouldn’t be relying on their false expertise in this field!!

    Stop chasing and start hunting to kill!!!

    Let the Trappers and Professional hunters deal with this! There should be a huge turnout of Trappers & Hunters here to resolve this and it should be IMMEDIATE before a child loses its life!!!

    Helicopters & Local Police are not going to resolve the BIG PICTURE!!

    This is getting out of hand and someone “WILL” get hurt!!!

  2. Jim –

    Happy to convey to you that I heard shots fired last night in my neighborhood, and went to talk briefly with the cops on the BPR (the noise got me out of bed). They had a clean shot on the coyote (no building or people behind the coyote), but were probably too far away to reach it (they were shooting buckshot). So we do have trained men with loaded guns looking to kill these vermin. By all means, set up traps, but I’m not sure I’d trust opening up the field to a larger number of professional hunters. They’d have to be coordinated in some fashion. Perhaps a better way would be to stage a European-style “driven hunt” where the coyotes are flushed out of the nature preserve or marshlands by a number of volunteers waving sticks and yelling, driven towards armed police waiting to “dispatch” the critters.


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