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Home Current Affairs Footings for Deck, The Inspection: MyRye.com House

Footings for Deck, The Inspection: MyRye.com House

04-11-2010 233 kids inspect house 

(PHOTO: Not Vincent Tamburo but still a rigorous inspection of our new third floor.)

We could have saved ourselves a lot of money by skipping the home renovation and buying a gigantic flat panel TV. While our kids are occasionally mildly impressed by our renovation project, what they really want out of the entire thing, and what they have wanted from the first mention of the project, is a big flat panel TV. Which means I could have "renovated" for a couple thousand bucks. Oh well.

04-11-2010 290 outside of house w blue tarp over roof 

(PHOTO: The framing for the third floor boys' bedrooms and bathroom continued in early April.)

04-11-2010 261 footing tubes for deck 

(PHOTO: Tubes and "molds" for the footings of our future deck. Like a Play Doh mold – only bigger, for adults and a lot more expensive.)


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