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Rye TV’s Rye Press Room: Cutting out MyRye.com?


(PHOTO: The Fourth Estate by Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo)

MyRye.com loves Rye TV.

Rye Press Room Rye TV French and host 

(PHOTO: Welcome to the show. Host MaryEllen Doran with Rye Mayor Doug French)

It provides us endless hours of TV and web based Rye City Council meetings, Board of Education meetings, Eye on Rye and other programming including a new show called Rye Press Room, a hyperlocal poor man's version of NBC's Meet the Press.

We were particularly excited when Rye Mayor Doug French mentioned the new show to this publisher, how MyRye.com would be welcomed onto the show and how he welcomed the "grilling" from the press. Apparently MyRye.com did not make the short list.

Mr. Mayor, was is something we said?

Is MyRye.com getting the cold shoulder? Or were we censored by Rye Press Room host MaryEllen Doran before a production assistant sent "send" on the invitation email? Ouch!

Rye Press Room Rye TV group

(PHOTO: Where is MyRye.com?)

Our friends Robin Jovanovich from the Rye Record and Chris Falcone from the Rye Sound Shore Review were invited. Even Satta Sarma who runs Patch for the mega brand AOL was invited – no busy signal there. Does an independent voice not rate as part of Rye's fourth estate? Is MyRye.com part of the fifth estate?

What's your opinion? Leave a comment below.


  1. what in God’s name does that lame drive-thru “patch” know about Rye? or any of the other 3000 identical sites it operates?
    MyRye is the real thing and our City fathers are sticking their heads in the sand.

  2. Probably just an error in not inviting you Jay.

    But wait – this City doesn’t historically readily admit to errors and omissions. It doesn’t make things right – it prefers lawsuits instead. And since it historically accepts less than zero liability in the case of a purported municipal error or omission – you might just be told to sue your competitors. And that’s The Sixth Estate – The Litigation Attorney’s Relief Act.

  3. Ted – this City may “historically accept less than zero liability”, but isn’t that why you and Tim Chittenden and Ray Tartaglione and Bob Schubert and Jimmy Amico worked so hard to make sure Doug French was elected?
    That’s Doug in the picture up there ^. Why doesn’t he take a stand and say “I won’t appear on the program until My Rye is included”?
    After all, this blog was the medium where the most vicious, anonymous and relentless attacks on Steve Otis, Andy Ball and our Corporation Counsel Kevin Plunkett appeared month after month after month.
    If any “impartial” local news outlet can take credit for swaying an election it’s My Rye, more so than the Sound Shore Review -( where my private remarks to the publisher showed up on this blog hours later – twice ) – and even the Rye Record. Robin Jovanovich has actually made the best effort not to make it personal even though she’s the publisher and her husband was a candidate. That’s kind of sad in an educated, informed community like Rye less than an hour from the greatest media market in the world, but I digress.
    I’m wondering, Ted, what you guys think of your golden boy now?
    Is he still Rye’s Barack Obama GOP style?
    I don’t see that 325 dollar stop sign on my corner. I was against it anyway, having worked at NYC Department of Transportation, but that was heresy in the heated atmosphere of last Summer and Fall’s campaign and I caught a lot of flack for that opinion. I was present, however, when Doug made reference to it publicy and I remember it well.
    So where is it?
    Seriously, Doug was Jay’s candidate and all you guys pushed him into office. Has he come through for any of you?
    Ted, Jimmy, Ray, Bob, Tim, Jay? Who wants to go first?
    How difficult would it be for Doug to say all media should be included?
    This isn’t Meet the Press – its Rye TV – not a heavy lift.
    I’ll save my opinion of the the wife of the man who worked so hard to get the Mayor elected getting set up in a local anchor spot to interview …the Mayor. That’s too cozy for words. I’ll wait until I find out if tax payer dollars are involved ( I think I already know ). Our own little Pravda – isn’t that nice?

  4. Charmian,

    I will go first…. So far, you are correct, still no stop sign.
    Mayor French has publicly stated the reason for this.
    Past history (BPR DIET) has proven him right.

    Until all the stimulus projects are complete I am giving him the benefit of doubt.

    Lets just hope that $695,000 doesn’t become the cost of the next childs life in the mean time!!!

    When the time comes you can be sure I will be marching into the first City Council Meeting available to renew my quest for that infamous elusive “STOP SIGN”!!!

    The difference between this Council and Mayor in comparison to the previous is so far they have not lied to me and my family and have “RESPECTED” me.
    If that ever changes it will be BIZ AS USUAL!

    I am more disgusted with the City Manager’s Office than any thing else!!!

  5. Comrade Neary – the proletariat was mistakenly allowed to vote the rascals out last year and – last time I checked – the MyRye monthly unique visitor statistics don’t come close to accounting for the new team’s margin of victory.

    I harbor great hopes for them but – as a backup – I have purchased that 20 foot bronze statue of Joseph Stalin removed last week from the square in his hometown of Gori, Georgia.

    And next month I am contemplating bringing an application before the planning commission to erect it in a prominent place in Rye – faced of course towards the new White Plains office of Mr. Plunkett.

  6. Charmian,
    My turn. I thought Doug was and still is the best choice we had. No, he did not address the Hen Island situation and he is hiding under a rock with regard to it now but at least he acknowledges that there is a problem. Granted his unfulfilled campaign promises and inactions did cost Rye taxpayers another lawsuit and he is trying to make the County the bad guy. But I believe it is only because he doesn‘t have the confidence or the experience as mayor to take the bull by the horns (hopefully he will get both soon) and/or he doesn‘t want to piss off his neighbor, who‘s mother and uncle just happens to be on the Board of Directors for Hen Island.
    On the other hand, Otis, for three years tried to hide it and repeatedly said there were no problems. I think that also relates to Steve’s shortcomings with regard to Schubert, Jimmy and Ted also. All he had to do from the beginning was to address the issues and not try to pretend they were not there. Instead, he spent thousands and thousands of taxpayer dollars trying to ignore issues that frankly did not have to become big issues at the Council meetings. There was just too much going on behind closed doors. Doug is an honest Mayor, we didn’t have that before and we really need it now.


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