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Silly Bandz or Serious Health Hazard?: Rye Schools Clamp Down on Rubber Band Craze


If you have an elementary school student in Rye, you probably have dozens of "silly bandz" in your home – colored and shaped rubber bands and the newest way for your kids to spend money.

Silly-bandz Rainforest_LRG

And now Rye Schools are warning parents that these "bandz" are not so silly after all: they are causing distractions in school including circulation problems for kids that pile on 10 or 20 or more "silly bandz" on their arm.

In a note sent to parents Thursday, the Osborn Elementary School health office said:

"I am requesting that students wear no more than 2 animal rubber band bracelets on each wrist while at school.   Students are wearing large numbers of bracelets, and they can become tangled together into a tight band.  We have had several students who compromised the circulation in their hands, causing swelling, discoloration and pain.  In addition to being a safety issue, they are becoming a nuisance  and a distraction to the learning environment."

Similar notes have been sent by other Rye schools.

Note: these "silly bandz" are not so silly in another way. A pack of 24 cost $4.95 which according to our calculations is about 99% pure margin.


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