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Son of Rye Cleaning Up BP Mess in Gulf of Mexico

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MyRye.com heard from Forest Avenue resident Dan Somma. Somma's son Dan, a Rye High '90 grad, is down south cleaning up the mess BP is creating in the Gulf of Mexico. MyRye.com sends a salute to all the good work being done by this Garnet.

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(PHOTO: Somma at work in Louisiana.)

Here is the report sent by the senior Somma:

"Coast Guard Lt. Commander Dan T. Somma has been deployed on Grand Isle, Louisiana for the last 28 days.

He is in charge of a 450 man crew working to perform beach cleanup due to the oil spill.

Dan graduated from Rye High in 1990, University of New Hampshire in 1994 and holds two Masters degrees in Shipping from Pace and George Washington University.

His parents live in Rye. His 2 brothers and a sister also graduated from Rye High."

(PHOTO, BELOW: Somma the family man.)

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