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Home Current Affairs Taming Stormwater at MyRye.com House: VIDEO

Taming Stormwater at MyRye.com House: VIDEO

Cultec CRRH-500PX

Craig Simandl and team from BHK Builders put a back hoe to work installing a Cultec stormwater drainage system at the MyRye.com house on Friday, July 23, 2010.

Especially after the floods of 2007, the city of Rye is sensitive to proper stormwater management. Projects like the MyRye.com House have to have a water engineering study completed prior to start. All water from the roof be kept away from ground surface (and the storm sewer) must empty into underground stormwater chambers.

We had one existing stormwater chamber installed a couple years ago near of driveway. Our water engineering study showed the need for two additional chambers – one in the front of the property and one in the back of the property.

One green option not employed at the MyRye.com House is rainwater harvesting – the recovery of non-potable water to do things like watering your garden. You can install an extensive underground system or use rain barrels that can attach you the gutters that come down from your roof.


  1. Cultec is the same manufacturer we used. We have I think 3 of the big rechargers – for maybe 70,000 gallons combined. Given your location Jay you probably didn’t need to get into a full wetland permit process and thus saved a ton of money. But some people I’m told just can skip the whole wetland permitting process in Rye even if they have homes in wetlands.

  2. I would remove that video before OSHA or PESH gets a look at it or BHK might be getting a visit from them. Having that guy in the non supported ditch, with fill right on the edge is a poor idea at best.


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