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Big Boy Birthday Parties in Rye

We thought make a plate, cotton candy and pin the tail on the donkey was for the seven year old set. According to The New York Post, some grown-up New Yorkers, including a 45 year old unnamed birthday boy from Rye, like to celebrate kid-style.

"Cake jumping or no, re-creating beloved childhood memories is a growing theme for grown-up birthdays citywide.

Event planner Matt Toubin, owner of Shine Events, says about 10 percent of his clients are New York adults planning kid parties for themselves. (The numbers are likely much higher for self-planned soirees.) Inspired by children’s parties, these grown-ups demand water-balloon races, roller skating, Pac-Man arcade games, cotton-candy machines, snow cones and “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” — all of which Toubin bemusedly provides. He describes one juvenile birthday blowout he planned for a wealthy “finance guy” in Rye, NY, last May. The birthday boy, turning 45, begged for a big-top theme complete with carnival games (with goldfish and stuffed toy prizes), circus tents, face painters, stilt walkers and cheese fries.

“New York is such a pressure-filled city, these people who work in finance or legal professions put in thousands and thousands of hours — they want to celebrate in a bigger way,” he says."


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