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Ethan’s NY Sports Journal: 2010 NFL Preview & Picks

Penned by Rye resident, Osborn Elementary graduate and incoming
sixth grader Ethan Sears,
Ethan's NY Sports
column will report on and analyze New
York metro sports teams. Today Sears takes a look at this year's NFL season.
Sears is a two
time attendee of Sports
Broadcasting Camps

Last year was another great football season. Drew Brees led the underdog Saints to a Super Bowl Championship. The Jets were the most surprising team with head coach Rex Ryan predicting a Super Bowl Championship this year.

Here is a look at our 2010 NFL Preview and Picks including our Superbowl prediction.


AFC East

New York Jets 14-2
New England Patriots 10-6
Miami Dolphins 8-8
Buffalo Bills 5-11

Bottom Line: Whether or not the Jets have Revis they are still the best team in this division. Anyway chances are they will sign Revis.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens 12-4
Cincinnati Bengals 10-6
Pittsburgh Steelers 7-9
Cleveland Browns 1-15

Bottom Line: The Ravens to me have this division easily. The Bengals getting TO could backfire horribly while the Steelers are a wreck and the Browns are the Browns. 
AFC South

Indianapolis Colts 14-2
Houston Texans 11-5
Tennessee Titans 9-7
Jacksonville Jaguars 6-10
Bottom Line: The Texans are a good team but all you have to do is look at the Colts offense to see why they are going win the division. At QB Peyton Manning, their top four wideouts are Pierre Garcon, Reggie Wayne, Austin Collie, and Anthony Gonzalez and their Running Back is Joseph Addai. They are the team to beat in this division.

AFC West

San Diego Chargers 14-2
Denver Broncos 8-8
Oakland Raiders 4-12
Kansas City Chiefs 2-12

Bottom Line: The Chargers are the only team that has any chance in this division period.


NFC East

Dallas Cowboys 13-3
Philadelphia Eagles 12-4
New York Giants 7-9
Washington Redskins 6-10

Bottom Line: Unfortunately the Giants proved last year that they are not the same Giants team from two years ago. The defense is no longer full of guys like Michael Strahan while former up and coming star Brandon Jacobs is broken down. It looks like Eli Manning and Steve Smith will have the team on their shoulders.

NFC North

Green Bay Packers 14-2
Minnesota Vikings 13-3
Detroit Lions 7-9
Chicago Bears 6-11

Bottom Line: The Packers are in a position to beat the Vikings and finally get back at Brett Favre. Aaron Rodgers in my opinion is the best quarterback in the NFL and can lead his team to become a dynasty.

NFC South

New Orleans Saints 12-4
Atlanta Falcons 9-7
Carolina Panthers 7-9
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-14

Bottom Line: The Saints had a great run last year and still will be an elite team but don’t expect a repeat.

NFC West

San Francisco 49ers 11-5
Arizona Cardinals 7-9
St Louis Rams 6-10
Seattle Seahawks 4-12

Bottom Line: Kurt Warner retiring hurt the Cardinals enough but lost a great 1-2 combination in Anquan Boldin going to the Ravens. Matt Leinart was great in college but is not an NFL QB.

Super Bowl Pick

Green Bay Packers 24, New York Jets 28

In a thrilling match up for the ages, the Jets pull out a victory in a last minute interception by Darrelle Revis to secure the game.

Enjoy the season.


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