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Home Food Mexican Ice Pops Make Mamaroneck Ave Cool

Mexican Ice Pops Make Mamaroneck Ave Cool


Three years ago we told you about Paleteria Fernandez in Port Chester – home of unbelievably fresh ice cream and Mexican ice pops (think Froze Fruit but ten time better).


Continuing its culinary expansion, Mamaroneck has managed to attract a new Paleteria Fernandez ice cream store at 350 Mamaroneck Avenue. It is a perfect place for dessert after dinner at Sal's Pizza or Super Pan Bakery.


  1. Excellent stuff. This is, without a doubt, my favorite part of this blog.

    The wife and I actually tried Sal’s for the first time and were very pleased. Ordered a classic slice and had a grape soda on the side. Great stuff! I love Sunrise for the specialty slices (eggplant one is out of this world), but Sal’s delivers on the house slice.

    I’ll definitely be trying Super Pan in the near future, as well as this milk pop place (love the PC one).

    We have some of the best restaurants in the area, but it’s the little joints — BSF, Walter’s, all of this — that really make the food life special.

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