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Amico: I Will Be Patient (for STOP Sign)

Midland Avenue resident Jim Amico wil have to wait a little longer for his stop sign. Amico met with Rye Mayor Doug French Friday and then sent MyRye.com the following update.

French told MyRye.com over this past weekend that the Midland STOP signs will be piloted as early as October.

Amico's update:


I am being told that the engineer went off the plans , it was all one big misunderstanding (mistake) on the engineer's part! The original plan is to put the "yield to pedestrian" signs at the crosswalks, then have the feds sign off on the work that was just done(most likely by the end of this month) then do a "stop sign test" like what is being done on Purchase Street. After all is said and done we will have stop signs by sometime in November. It will probably include the counties input as to where the stop signs are installed, very tricky location with the installation of the crosswalks and the driveways. In the end there will be some kind of Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

Everyone is working really hard at getting this done, my family could not be more grateful!
I have waited this long and fought hard to get to this point, I am beginning to understand (not agree) how government works, my wife and I  will be patient as we wait for the Stop Signs!

I guess the Journal News will just have to wait a little longer for another piece of my ***!!!…LOL!!!

Thank you,
Jim Amico"


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