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Forbes #269 and Rye Resident David Gottesman

One Rye resident is not too worked up about the doubling of commuter parking fees at the Rye train station. That's because he has a net worth of $1.5 billion dollars according to Forbes.

David Gottesman is #269 on the Forbes 400 list of the richest people in America. Gottesman lives on the private Island Drive just off Kirby Lane and adjacent to the Westchester Country Club beach club. One of his neighbors is R. Leslie Deak who was just in the news about his ties to the CIA and the proposed Islamic Cultural Center near Ground Zero.

Gottesman was the subject of a prior MyRye.com profile. He made is billion plus on Berkshire Hathaway stock.


  1. Here is my problem with the media/press now. Is it anybody’s business how much anybody is worth?I am sure Mr. Gottesman has worked very hard for his wealth and although I would like some of it for myself, why print it? Why give out somebody’s address to tempt people that might not be as lucky as him? Why give out the address and even have a picture of the house on Forest Avenue that had a bomb thrown at it? The media likes to exploit – that’s why.


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