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Two Coyote Attacks in Nearby Rye Brook: Rye PD Report

SECOND UPDATE: Coyote story made Gawker.

UPDATE: Rye Brook PD shot and killed a coyote early Monday morning. There is no way to tell if it was the animal that attacked residents Sunday evening. Shawn Cohen at LoHud.com has the details.

Last night there were two separate coyote attacks in nearby Rye Brook. Rye PD issued the following statement asking Rye City residents to remain aware and reminding us there have been no attacks in Rye City since June:


Two coyote attacks were reported on Sunday evening, September 5, 2010, in our neighboring community of Rye Brook.

Initial reports indicated that in the first attack, a teenaged boy was able to fend off a coyote and was not injured. About an hour later, a two year old child was bitten.

Both attacks occurred in the northern portion of the Village of Rye Brook, some distance from the City of Rye, but close enough, in light of previous incidents, to be of concern.

There have been no reports of coyote attacks or aggressive behavior in Rye since the attacks in June. However, in light of these incidents, we advise residents to continue to exercise caution, and to closely supervise children outdoors. With the opening of school scheduled for this week, the Police Department will enhance patrols in the vicinity of schools and on routes frequently used by children to travel to and from school. Our trapping program remains active.

Coyote sightings should be reported immediately by calling 911 or the Police Department’s main number, (914) 967-1234."


  1. “the same one that attacked two youngsters last night — biting a father who was protecting his 2-year-old daughter”

    The mangy coyote attacked one of the trappers during today’s chase, then turned on its own pup and bit its head off.
    “I followed the coyote, then it lunged at me,” trapper Jim Horton said. “I hit, it flipped over, then it lunged at me again. Then I just chased it through the woods for 45 minutes.”
    At one point, the female coyote’s pup showed up and, Horton said, “The mother started chewing on its head. She beheaded her pup and was eating the head.”

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