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Free Bird, Parking Tickets and Smooching—Items on the Agenda for City Council Meeting Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Heather   Pattersoncityhall

(PICTURE: Rye City Hall by local artist Heather Patterson)

The city council's agenda for its meeting on Wednesday, October 6, 2010 is out. See you at 8:00pm in the Council Room at Rye City Hall or on Cablevision Channel 75 and Verizon Channel 39. We'll also see you on the Internet (next day) at http://rye.peg.tv.

Let's check the batting order and highlights from the 20 agenda items.

  • Open Mic. Residents may be heard who have matters to discuss that do not appear on the agenda. Always a crowd pleaser…
  • Doug's Details. Mayor’s Management Report – 2011 budget process summary and legal update
  • Free Bird. Update from the Committee to Save the Bird Homestead on the Rye Meeting House proposal.
  • Parking Tickets. Public Hearing to amend Local Law Chapter 191, Section 39, Parking Time Limits and fees to remove the setting of fees from Local Law; Public Hearing to amend Local Law Chapter 191, Vehicles and Traffic, Section 191-47 C, D and E, Parking application, fees and location to clarify the language regarding City municipal parking places; and Resolution authorizing the City Manager to expand the contract with Complus Data Innovations, Inc. to outsource the collection of parking ticket payments.
  • Looking Good in Blue. Bid Award for Police Uniforms (Bid# 4-10).
  • Junkyard. Resolution to declare certain equipment as surplus.
  • Patronage. One appointment to the Board of Appeals to fill a term expiring on January 1, 2013, by the Mayor with Council approval; Two appointments to the Government Policy & Research Committee, one for a one-year term and one for a two-year term, by the Mayor with Council approval.
  • Smooch. Consideration of a request by the Rye Merchants Association to close a portion of Purchase Street on Sunday, November 28, 2010 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for the Mistletoe Magic event.

The next regular meeting of the City Council will be held on Wednesday, October 20, 2010.


  1. Free Bird – that’s a good one Jay.

    It reminds me of when we recently got local citizen interest in a volunteer painting crew for that now sorry structure – The Meeting House – so that Milltown wouldn’t look like such a highly trafficked, shabby joke. I go to Mr. Culross and make the offer and he say’s “Oh no, you can’t paint it, the siding that’s rotting off is not original and must be removed and we have to study the entire structure for restoration.” When the high priced expert study is completed, Mr. Culross say’s to me “Oh no, you can’t paint it, the structure is unsound and requires a completely new foundation and major structural work at a cost of $600K plus.” To which I ask where is that money coming from and when and am told – “grants in the future.”

    Now I understand that an organization whose own current missing grant money has required substantial Rye taxpayer flotation is interested in assuming the municipal liability for The Meeting House pledging $100K of money they don’t have for a down payment against the $600K plus of municipally required work they can’t afford.

    Both The Bird and The Meeting House are local gems of the highest order. So tell me again and slowly in very small words, why can’t we get a simple protective coat of paint on them right now?

  2. Mr. French Goes to White Plains?

    Last Sunday night I enjoyed sitting thru a screening of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington on TCM. I hadn’t seen the movie for many years but it was indeed a classic by Frank Capra spotlighting a decent regular man surrounded by a thuggish group of political machine patronage hustlers cloaked as sophisticated societal pragmatists. And I have to confess delighting at spotting the character of the machine’s Washington D.C. based “enforcer” – a gravel voiced “Puss in Boots” bearing a ridiculous similarity to Kevin Plunkett at his high bench browbeating best as he sought to crush and smear Bob Schubert. If we only knew then what we know now.

    And this in turn brought to mind a more recent analysis of what’s gone wrong with New York State. Crafted by John Fund of The Wall Street Journal and published on September 18th it’s titled – What on Earth Happened to the New York GOP? In it Mr. Fund interviews a number of people including a long time political operative who describes New York as being – “dominated by an ‘insider commercial party’ whose main business is ‘doing contracts.’ The key disputes aren’t ideological but about who gets the state’s business—whether bond sales, construction contracts or rigged development deals. Politically connected lawyers, PR firms, lobbyists and vendors are influential in this new (commercial) party, and they all do well as they depend on the state for much of their livelihood. But the economic interests of this ‘nomenklatura’ aren’t compatible with the state’s future prosperity.”

    The article also features Rob Astorino who claims he has bucked this “Demopublican” trend by proposing 10% budget cuts and no tax increases. Last time I checked, “proposing” is one thing and “doing” is another. All the while guess who fills a Pataki assigned seat at the right hand of Mr. Astorino? Frank Capra himself couldn’t have had a screenplay written any better.

    This brings me, I guess, full circle to the upcoming one year anniversary of our new local Republican administration. In short – I’m not sure what we have here yet. Obviously better than what we had before but still troublingly hesitant to tackle and resolve as specifically promised corrosive municipal malfeasance issues. Why? Residents here don’t deserve 100% station parking pass increases to feed – BUT STILL NOT FULLY COVER – these extraordinary and unnecessary litigation bills.

    I believe taxpayers deserve better and our city employees deserve better; they are overall a very decent, very competent bunch. And if you’re asking for concrete suggestions for real further cost savings one wouldn’t need to stretch much to imagine replacing a “triple dip commissioner” with an experienced home grown chief of police. Positive savings could be found here in here both dollars and employee morale while the coyote population would likely deeply resent it.

    Somewhere I’ve saved the French Slate’s campaign literature of last fall. I think I’ll dig it out and start checking goals and promises. Maybe others will do likewise.

  3. Do YOU see Suzi O every time you come to this page or is it just me? I’m glad to see the political process providing some funding to myRye, but when candidates start advertising on THIS site, you gotta wonder how they make their decisions.

  4. Commissioner Connors draws a hefty City of Rye salary while collecting his full NYPD pension through what’s known as a “211 waiver.” That’s a double dip.

    Now it’s been disclosed that he also has an additional outside paying consulting gig –


    So how does Rye save money? We promote from within based on merit getting someone totally “aligned” with and focused on the community who gets a nice but lower starting salary than Connors. This historically was successful in Rye both economically and for organizational morale. No I don’t have a candidate in mind.

  5. Ted, apologies, I didn’t see the first part of your post (the part above the link).

    You do realize that the “double” or “triple dip” not only does not cost Rye anything, but it actually SAVES Rye money?

    If you want to say that the PC is not the best person for the job, fine. If you want to say that the position of PC is overpaid, fine. But to insinuate (which is how I read it), that the “double” or “triple” dip is costing the tax payers money, that is 100% incorrect.

  6. Double and triple dipping doesn’t save Rye money – it costs Rye money because it dilutes the community alignment of the favored employee. If you live or die on a single revenue stream tied to a single employer don’t you think focus, attention and duty follow? What makes you think a better leader doesn’t already exist down in the RPD ranks that would be hungry, eager to be promoted? I generally find the very best managers that way. After I’ve identified and disposed of my inherited office politicians that is.

  7. Ted, your post makes it sound like what the PC is doing (re 211 and consulting gig) is wrong. If the city was aware, and allows outside employment, then no problem. If they don’t, then Connors will be in a heap of trouble! Stay tuned as they (used to) say.

    I do not agree with your thoughts in your original post. You (in my mind) purposely made it sound like the PC is costing taxpayers ACTUALLY additional dollars. (Again) not only is he not, but he is SAVING us actual dollars.

    Now if you want to say that he is not fulfilling his responsiblilities as the PC, then you are totally within your rights to that opinion. But as I tried to state before, the way I read your original post was that the PC was costing Rye taxpayers more dollars because of his 211 and outside employment. Assuming the next PC is given the same salary as Connors, this will cost Rye MORE money.

    Basically, your post is apples & oranges. Regardless of his waiver, either he is doing a good job or not. The waiver really has nothing to do with it. If the next PC’s wife is a big shot investment banker, would you be of the opinion that he would not do a good job because he also has his wife’s salary to fall back on?

    If he is not doing a good job, French should find someone who will. The fact the the PC has a 211 is not relevent, especially as your opening argument!

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