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Hollywood : Oscars as Rye : ________? Tonight, 7:30pm

Hollywood has nothing on Rye.

Rye TV Margies 2010

(PHOTO: The Margies, 7:30pm Tonight.)

Tonight the flash bulbs (do they still have flash bulbs?) will be popping at the Rye Free Reading Room for the Rye TV Margie Awards, recognizing the very best in Rye public access TV. And before you Hollywood types snicker and sneer, we have some serious talent right here in our city of 15,000 (I was a judge and witnessed the excellent work with my own eyes).

Named for long time Rye TV producer and Cable Committee member, Marge Bancel, the Margies will be awarded in five categories: Best Short Film; Best Informational Program; Best Documentary Film; Best Music Program and Best New Show.

Mary Ellen Doren and Steve Fairchild will serve as Co-Masters of Ceremony. The event starts at 7:30pm tonight (Wednesday, October 27, 2010). There will be a reception with light refreshments until 8 PM and then Rye Cable and Communications Committee as Chair Doug Carey will give the official welcome and then hand it off to Doren and Fairchild.

The 2010 Nominees are…
Suzy Allman
John Carey
Tony Coash
Andrew Dapolite
Elizabeth Dellicolli
Paula Fung
William Galperin
Adam Heicklen
Michael Iachetta
Ken Knowles
Travis LaBella
Didi McKay
Dave Pilla
Jason Rogers
Miriam Ward
Rye Middle School
Video Club

Good luck to all!



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