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Latimer in Dunk Tank – EXCLUSIVE PICTURES

Latime In Dunk 10-24-2010 054

(PHOTO: Latimer takes the plunge. Photo credit: Lauren Rosen)

State Assemblyman George Latimer is a helluva sport.

The local pol and resident of Wainwright Street showed up in grand form Saturday morning for the Osborn School Carnival dunk tank. Refusing a wet suit on a cold October morning, Latimer, who does not know how to swim, climbed aboard the dunk tank nattily dressed in a suit, ready for business.

Latimer Sitting Dunk 10-24-2010 059

At $2 for three throws at the dunk tank it did not take long before Latimer enjoyed his chilly plunge on behalf of the public good.

Three cheers for Latimer's public spirit!

Let's see if next year some of Latimer's compatriots will join him in the tank.


  1. George – Thanks for “stepping up”. As usual, you’ve gone the extra mile[s] for the community.

    I understand that none of the School Board members who were asked were as brave.


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