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Rye’s Caroline O’Day Post Office: It’s Official

Two and a half years after the Rye City Council voted in favor of its support (and after a Presidential signature too), the Rye Post office was officially re-named last Saturday after Caroline O'Day. When O'Day ran for Congress in 1934 her run was supported by First Lady Elenor Roosevelt.

From the official USPS announcement:

"Congresswoman Nita Lowey initiated the legislation to designate the Rye Post Office the “Caroline O’Day Post Office Building” and was signed into law by the President on August 19, 2009.

Caroline O’Day was a long time resident of Rye and a member of the Westchester League of Women Voters. With her friend Eleanor Roosevelt, O’Day helped establish the Women’s Division of the New York State Democratic committee. O’Day became active in both the suffrage and pacifist movements including the National Consumers League and the Women’s Trade Union League.

O’Day was elected to Congress in 1934 as a representative-at-large from New York and went on to serve 4 terms. She advocated essential causes including employment opportunities for the disabled and child labor protection.

“Caroline O’Day was a brave suffragist who successfully enfranchised New York women three years before the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment,” said Congresswoman Nita Lowey…

A special pictorial postmark highlighting the dedication celebration will be available at the Rye Post Office and by mail until November 23, 2010. To obtain by mail write to: Rye Post Office, 41 Purdy Ave., Rye, NY 10580."

Rye's Paul Hick has a great published piece on Caroline O'Day.


  1. An interesting life, and a fascinating read, but could someone shed light for me as to what relevance Caroline O’Day has to the US Post Office? Is this just another example of our current limousine liberal representative Nita spending her efforts promoting a long-dead Democrat party operative rather than working to improve the lot of her living constituents?
    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a US representative who works for all of us, rather than promoting her party?

  2. Would you vote for a lawbreaker? How about if she is Rye’s incumbent NYS Senator? That’s right. Our beloved Suzi is breaking the law … in Rye … right now, the night before the election. How? By posting her bright red campaign signs on public property along Boston Post Road from Purchase Street up to the football field.
    You’d think someone in office as long as Suzi would know what the local laws are and that she’d obey them. Seems like that’s not the case. And if Suzi doesn’t know our local laws, how can she be counted on to represent us, really look out for our interests, in Albany?
    Maybe the RED on Suzi’s signs is subconscious message to STOP her re-election.


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