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The Old Garnet on Tonight’s Quarter Final Football Match-Up

MyRye.com is pleased to provide the Old Garnet's (AKA former school board prez Steve Feeney) football write-up for tonight's quarter final match-up against Somers:

Tonight's Section One Class A Quarter-Final contest pits two of NY State's legendary head football coaches as they attempt to nurture their squads to "survive and advance" further into local playoff action.  Call it the "Godfather vs. the Grandfather" if you will – it's the SOMERS TUSKERS (League A-North # 4 seed at 4-2) and their coach Tony DeMateo charging into Nugent Stadium to lock tusks with the RYE GARNETS (League A-South # 1 seed at 5-1).

But back to the coaches for a minute. DeMateo, who ranks fifth in NY State football history with 284 career coaching victories, made his bones at Yonkers' Roosevelt HS (including a NYS Class AA Football Championship) before taking his talents north to coach his son(s) on the Somers gridiron.  Tony D has the most coaching victories in Section One and Westchester County, hence the "Godfather" designation.  Plus many of his disciples populate local head coaching positions – Nyack, Arlington, Gorton, Horace Greeley, RC Ketcham among other Section One football programs.  Drive along a section of the Cross County Parkway near Yonkers' Cross County Shopping Center named after and dedicated to Coach DeMateo and his brother Dom.  Win the Section One Class A DeMateo post-season Bowl Game and accept the trophy in Coach DeMateo's name.

Of course Rye's Dino Garr is no slouch when it comes to Empire State coaching excellence.  His 248 career wins have vaulted him into 11th place on the historical roster well within reach of the Top-10 this season.  Coach Garr also stands at # 3 of all Section One coaches two behind DeMateo.  And second in Westchester annals also trailing Tony D.  Interestingly four of the historical Top-10 are retired so Coach Garr will rapidly climb above them in the statewide rankings in coming years.  Garr's pedigree is pure Rye coming from home-grown stock, having played for the Garnets, and been infused with the legacies of former Garnet mentors Frank Robinson, Ben Bedini, John Nugent and George Maier.  While not the "Godfather" Coach Garr can no doubt be considered as a "Grandfather" after 35 year on the Garnet sidelines.

Oh the game?  Although Rye is spent physically and emotionally from the dramatic eighth straight win over Harrison give the points  and take the Garnets as the Tuskers fall tonight 28 -7.




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