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Rye PBA Protests Cuts in Mayor Letter

Rye PBA Prez Franco Compagnone is hammering Rye for the proposed Rye PD cuts.

Read the letter:

November 30, 2010
Mayor French & City Council
Rye City Hall
Rye, New York 10580
Over the course of the last 4 years the City of Rye Police Department dwindled down
to 33 sworn police officers from a healthy 41.
• Retirements not being replaced
• No promotions
• Death of active police officer
Listed below are the positions eliminated by the 2011 budget of Rye Police Department:
• One Sergeant (Special Operations / Vacation relief)
• One Youth Officer
• One DARE Officer
• One Marine Patrol Officer
• Two General Investigation Detectives
The 2011 projected budget reduces manpower to a historic low of 31 officers, can the
City of Rye residents afford 25% drop in manpower from their Police department?
• These reductions in manpower are approximately 1 million dollars cut from the budget. Where
has that money been moved/used or encumbered ?
• How much money has the City of Rye saved over the last 4 years by not replacing Police Officers,
Detectives and Sergeants?
• Who has suggested these cuts & why? This decrease in manpower has created an unsafe
environment for police officers. Just this past summer a Police Officer was injured while working
with just 2 officers on the road (north and south). The inherent risk of injuries to Police Officers
is a reality. The current manpower shortfall does not factor this into the model. Manpower
shortfalls are currently covered with OVER TIME.
• How much Money has the City of Rye paid out in overtime to cover injured Officers and routine
scheduling shortfalls?
The DARE program was the only way the Police department had to
get a Police Officer into the school system on a positive note. The elimination, (for no cost savings,
by the way), of the Youth Division is going to seriously hamper Police / youth interaction.
• Is it the council's position that all youth problems, alcohol, drugs, etc. have been solved?
• How will the new restructured Police Department handle Youth offenses?
• How much money is actually being saved by eliminating the Youth Division?
• Our Department is accredited by New York State, will the removal of this program effect our
• What has been the Parents, School districts, PTO’s and Parochial schools reaction to the
elimination of this position? or do they even know?
According to the budget proposal for 2011, the marine unit is being eliminated, even
though there is a 55% reimbursement by New York State.
• What is actually being saved there?
• What is the Rye boating public's expectation as far as public safety on the LI sound?
• What is the City’s alternative? and costs to replace the Police patrol of their coast line?
• According to the budget the Detective division has 4 members assigned, yet there are only three.
• Why has there been no promotion made in a vacant Detective slot for over a year.
• Why were the Lt.’s called to a meeting with the City Manager where they were told there are
going to be "demotions" if they did not consider a payout? this is in direct violation of Civil
Service rules. Who's idea was that?
• Why has there been no promotion made on a vacant Sergeants slot for almost a year.
• The Rye Police Commissioner receives a 211 waiver every two years allowing him to collect on
his NYPD pension while being paid $160 thousand per year by Rye taxpayers. This Wavier is
only supposed to be issued on a temporary basis yet City Officials have approved this waiver
every two years from the Commissioners hiring in 2000. Why does the City continue this
practice? In 2008 the Police Commissioner received a unanimous “vote of no confidence” from
his Police Officers, never addressed by the City Council.
• Why not promote a Police chief from our pool of supervisors and save the difference in salary of
having a Police Commissioner?
• In light of the City Councils attempt to reign in Attorney costs by hiring a new Corporation
council how much has the City of Rye spent on their Labor Attorney this past year?
• Will all labor matters be covered by this new expected Rye Attorney hiring or will it be
subcontracted out to the current Labor Attorney and at what cost?
• Has the City Council made it transparent to the Rye taxpayers of the projected Labor Attorney
cost of going to binding arbitration to resolve a contract instead of amicably coming to a
• What has it cost the City in legal fees to date to resolve this Police contract?
• What has it cost the City in legal fees to date to dispute PBA grievances, Improper practices and
lastly, who is on the development team to this restructuring of the City of Rye Police Department?
• Why were the members of the Police Association not involved?
Franco Compagnone
President: Rye Police Benevolent Association


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