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Send Halloween Candy from Rye to Tora Bora


(PHOTO: Send yours from Rye to Tora Bora.)

On Friday, MyRye.com told you about the cash for candy program being run by a local Purchase Street ortho.

Now Rye's Osborn School is collecting extra Halloween candy to be donated to US troops overseas. Apparently local dentists are going to help ship any candy donated during the first week of November at containers at the front of Osborn School.

Letters to the troops are also welcome.

Now, we are all for the letters, but are we really shipping mini-Snickers to Afghanistan? Really? Maybe we should dump all the candy in the Tora Bora region and hope Osama and the bad guys either get severe tooth decay (at which point we can hit them with a Stinger missile during their trip to the dentist) or that they choke on a Gobstopper.

I'm thinking about dropping a tube of Crest and an issue of Sports Illustrated in the box for the troops.



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