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Tiki: Still Postponed a Day Later

MyRye.com reported to readers yesterday the Tiki Bar expansion was "postponed indefinitely".

Today, the town crier over at the Westchester County Board of Legistlators sent a missive titled "PLAYLAND PARK TIKI BAR EXPANSION OFFICIALLY WITHDRAWN" and saying "Today, County Executive Robert Astorino formally withdrew the controversial proposal of the expansion of the new Pier Restaurant and Tiki Bar at Playland Park."

Most interesting is there has been no pronouncement this writer is aware of from the county executive himself. And notice the language: "postponed" and "withdrawn."

It does not say "no", "never", "off the table", etc.

Watch this space…

The missive also included a quote from loc pol Judy Myers: “This is a victory for Rye residents. Since the opening of the restaurant this summer, many Rye residents have expressed their concern that, under the current license agreement, the restaurant and Tiki Bar are seriously infringing on the public  boardwalk space.  If this agreement were adopted, residents would have seen the licensing of even more public space. I want to thank the Rye residents who phoned and emailed the County Executive because they convinced him that this proposal was, certainly, the wrong direction for Rye .”


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