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Where to Vote in Rye, NY – Tuesday is Election Day

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Tuesday, November 2nd is election day. Polls are open from 6am to 9pm.

There are county, state and federal races but no Rye City races.

Find out your Rye, NY polling location from the Westchester Board of Elections.

If you did not vote in the primaries remember you will be using the new voting machines.


  1. Jay – sorry for reposting, but I think I got the wrong topic. Your “Vote” flag is the right place for this note.

    Would you vote for a lawbreaker? How about if she is Rye’s incumbent NYS Senator? That’s right. Our beloved Suzi is breaking the law … in Rye … right now, the night before the election. How? By posting her bright red campaign signs on public property along Boston Post Road from Purchase Street up to the football field.

    You’d think someone in office as long as Suzi would know what the local laws are and that she’d obey them. Seems like that’s not the case. And if Suzi doesn’t know our local laws, how can she be counted on to represent us, really look out for our interests, in Albany?

    Maybe the RED on Suzi’s signs is a subconscious message to STOP her re-election.

  2. Really AC – what will she and Steve Otis have to say for themselves after today? Will they feature their campaign “integrity?” My post from 2 weeks ago below –

    Oct 15, 2010

    Rye Residents please take note – our very own former Mayor Steve Otis is apparently hard at work doing what he does – FAIR CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE RULES OPPENHEIMER AD UNFAIR

    “..scenes and events were fabricated..” “…intentionally misleading and factually inaccurate..’ “..a sign was altered..” “…no such agency existed…”

    Fabricated, intentionally misleading, factually inaccurate, altered – sounds like stuff we held an election to assure a cleanup of. What is status Mr. French?

    Lohud has the story – http://bit.ly/bz5f3a

  3. Ted, out of curiosity, and I apologize for being off the blog for a couple months but I had a campaign on which to focus, what does a State Senate race have to do with Doug French?
    You say “what is status Mr. French?” What’s that mean?

  4. Welcome back. Hope your candidate was successful. I asked for status because the litigation updates given at the meetings have become increasingly oblique. In the Schubert case, Mr. French and the council now have been provided with a copy of 3rd party evidence of acts of apparent criminal malfeasance committed by former city employees. Much more additional damaging documentary and other evidence has been gathered and awaits the city at federal trial.

    Despite this the new council continues to maintain an ostrich like posture and spend taxpayer money like water all to defend these apparently un-defendable acts of the prior bad actors. And to try and offset the low six figure and growing litigation billings bleed this same council has now raised fees on station parking and is hunting everywhere for additional revenue and expense cuts.

    Pre election Mr. French promised to resolve the matter directly after election but apparently was convinced to change his mind. If he had acted as he originally indicated the city would have been saved hundreds of thousands of dollars of now wasted legal fees and provided justice for Schubert, someone who only asked that the city enforce its own written laws.

    And remember, the city’s insurance coverage will not protect the taxpayers from the burden of the judgments and fees if malfeasance is proven. A recent federal case lost by Greenburgh provides a current and painful example of just what this kind of multi year pattern of obstructionism and attempted document destruction can cost a municipality.
    Guess who the lawyers were there?

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