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Home History 1915 Standard Oil Ad Features Purchase Street in Rye

1915 Standard Oil Ad Features Purchase Street in Rye

This 1915 ad for Standard Oil Company of New York features a picture of Puchase Street in Rye circa 1909. "Here is a six year old road that looks like new. It is bi-tuminous macadam, built in 1909 by the penetration method, using Standard Macadam Asphalt Binder B."

The photo caption says "Purchase Street, Rye, New York. Built in 1909 by the penetration method with Standard Macadam Asphalt Binder "B". Photo 1915."

Standard Oil Company 1915 Ad


  1. Nice find Jay. The several of Standard Oil’s founders and descendants lived in and near Rye so this would just make sense.

    Google – Jean Flagler Matthews (granddaughter of Henry Flagler) and Daniel O’Day.

  2. Too bad the Boston Post Road between Parsons Street and the Playland Parkway ramp isn’t in as good shape as Purchase Street was in 1909.

    Where can we get some of that good old Standard Oil Asphalt Macadam Binder B?

  3. Asphalt Macadam Binder B might not be the best choice – unless we pass a law that says that only Model T’s can be used for transporting goods and people within the city’s road system… and don’t forget, the number of autos in Rye were probably in the double digits, instead of an estimated 15,000 today…

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