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Four Rye Homes Robbed: Rye PD

Rye PD has advised residents this evening of four homes being robbed this afternoon in Rye. Here is the official message sent by Rye PD:


On Wednesday, December 29, 2010, between 2:30 PM and 7:00 PM, four residential burglaries were reported in the City of Rye. Although they were at scattered locations – Stuyvesant Avenue, Glendale Avenue, Locust Avenue, and Kirby Lane North – all involved forced entry into unoccupied homes.

We encourage residents to take standard precautions: lock windows and doors, set alarms, and leave exterior lights on. If you are traveling during this holiday period, don’t let your house appear empty: leave lights on, stop newspaper delivery, and ask neighbors to keep an eye on your property. Most importantly, please call the police immediately if you observe suspicious activity, either by dialing 911 or the main number, 967-1234. Thank you."


  1. As the City Council and City Manager will learn the hard way is that criminals read the papers and watch the news too….HMMMmmm lets see, Rye an affluent community with 8 less cops? less patrol? lower response times? going to lose a supervisor and detective? ripe for the picking! The Criminals actually know how many cops we had, can’t say the same about the Mayor or City council. where is the esteemed leader of the department with his Columbia school of management degree and NYPD years of managerial experience? He allowed the manpower to get to these levels, never stood up to his Boss’s about the importance of a full complement of men to patrol, supervise and protect. he should resign in light of what occurred, but he has no conscious. I am sure he made a couple phone calls to his buddies and NYPD and asked for a Police helicopter fly over, how reassuring that must make the Rye residents feel! I will predict that there will be another burglary and this time some innocent homeowner will be home and the burglar will do what he does best, burglarize and inflict bodily harm to anyone who is in that house that gets in his way. Used to be a time where this type of incident was far and few between because of the reputation and patrol efforts of the Rye PD.

  2. Frenchdip you are giving too much credit to Connors. Managerial experience from NYPD? No, no, he screwed cops down there and was a coward. He manged to kiss @$$ to put it nicely. Thats the managerial experience he has.

  3. Fewer cops, not less cops. Just because there are fewer of them doesn’t mean we think less of the remaining cops.

    Maybe the remaining cops can work more shifts, get paid time and a half and cost the city more $$$. Now, at least, the remaining cops – like a certain detective – can focus on proper crooks rather than harassing a local friend of mine for sending “hope you are well” emails to his ex-girlfriend, the Milton Mom. DARE he actually detect rather than harass law abiding citizens, we’ll see? Earn your rank, solve a proper crime.

    I watch too much CSI and Law & Order…but this rash of criminal activity does seem too well planned. All within 5 hours, scattered but not too scattered and all were homes that were unoccupied? Sounds like someone was doing some serious recon and planning and were there more cops patrolling the streets in their cars, that alone probably would have foiled the plot as the hoods wouldn’t have had time to scout locations for days and days to figure out behavior patterns of the inhabitants.

    Remember the early 90s in NYC? It was a coincidence as there were fewer crooks to begin with as population was down, and crime across the USA was down as a whole…Freakonomics Chapter 4.

    Crime was down for varied reasons, but cop boots on the grounds never hurts. As an outsider living within, I’m amazed that such a town that has thee highest taxes in Westchester has to cut police.

    What is that, $400K in total cost saved? What’s the cost of 4 robberies to the families, insurance, police work, the town’s reputation, the fear’s of its citizens.

    Rye has some smart math Wall Street guys – do the math…and, if FrenchDip’s prediction (which is cliche in itself) comes to true, investigate her first 😉 but a 5th home and a citizen injured, or worse…not gonna bode well for those who cut costs.

    Next time it comes to cutting heads, just raise taxes. What is the population, 15K? Charge each citizen – man, woman and child – and extra $40 and throw that into the “save a cop’s job” kitty and call it a day.

    Then again, a business opportunity looms – private security…Black Water Rye. Hmmmm.

  4. Come on, French Dip – your second letter undermines your first.
    I don’t want to see patrol strength decimated either, but shoveling your damned sidewalk is common courtesy.
    The two are linked how?
    If you’re implying that the women and men on the RPD are not investigating break-ins because they’re too busy issuing tickets, indicating misplaced priorities on the part of the city, that would be of concern if it were true.
    However you only need read the complaints about impassible sidewalks from several citizens in the past few days to see that is not the case.
    My take on this?
    1. Don’t let uninformed civilians dictate law enforcement deployment,and 2. Shovel your sidewalk.


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