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Green Thumbs at Work at Rye HS/MS

Rhs-ms trees planting 12-2010 001 small

(PHOTO: Steve Feeney and Breath of Spring's Barrie Hedge (and grounds workers) with a red maple sapling. Roth Nurseries of  Armonk provided the trees. Credit: Bill Lawyer.)
Last Friday the Phase Two planting of the Rye High School/Rye Middle School reforestation project was compled. The 13 trees included:

  • A “Memorial White Oak” dedicated in memory of Michael DeVito, Rye High School Class of 2008 donated by the LaMagna Family of Rye.
  • A grove of five magnolia trees donated by the Rye High School Class of 1962.  One of the magnolias is being provided by Michael Thrope of Chappaqua and Jack MacDonough of Wisconsin in memory of classmate Walter Harvey who passed away in January 2010.  The remaining four trees are dedicated to the unique RHS Class of 1962. 
  • Eight additional trees (1 linden, 1 crimson king maple, 2 dogwoods, 2 thugas and 2 red maples) will be installed in areas facing Parsons Street, Milton Road and surrounding the newly installed portable classrooms fronting Milton Road to complete the Plan’s Phase Two.

Through the combined efforts of the Alumni & Friends of Rye High School, Inc., Environmental Advocacy Group of Rye, Rye Middle School Parents Organization, the LaMagna Family, Rye High School Class of 1962, Rye Middle School Environmental Club, Mr. Michael Thrope, Rye High School Class of 1967, Rye High School Commercial Fund, Mr. Jack MacDonough, Rye Middle School “Reach Out Rye” Community Service Club and the Rye City School District Board of Education, in the past year (12/09-12/10) over fifty-three (53) trees, shrubs and bushes have been planted on the combined campus of Rye High School/Rye Middle School.  This represents a financial commitment of over $11,150 invested in the two phases of the Reforestation Project.  Close to 90% of the funding was privately raised leaving only a fraction of the cost to be borne by the Rye City School District and by extension the taxpayers of Rye.


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