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Man Poisoned on Rye Train Platform: Fox TV Show

Fringe TV show Rye NY sign

If you think your commute is tough, just watch the recent episode of Fox TV's The Fringe.

Fringe TV show Rye NY train umbrella poison

In the opening scene, a Rye commuter is pricked by a man carrying a poison umbrella, stumbles home and then the man's heart is stolen while he is still alive. And that's in the first few minutes of the show.

Wow, and I think my commute stinks because the parking stinks and the train seats are worn out…

TVFanatic.com says:

"This week’s episode of Fringe really tore at the heartstrings – in more ways than one. By the end, the divide between Olivia and Peter may be greater than ever, even now that they’re both in the same world.

The episode begins with the extended death of a Mr. Russo, of Rye, New York. The hapless Mr. Russo steps out of a train, where he is immediately followed by Roland David Barrett, a dapper fellow dressed to the nines, complete with an old-fashioned umbrella.

Examining a Victim

Making like a contemporary Cobblepot, Barrett pricks Russo with the tip of his umbrella. By the time Russo arrives home in Rye, he is visibly ill and passes out. When he wakes, he is strapped to an operating table and covered in blood.

He hears Barrett calling 911 and alerting them to his location. Barrett then apologizes to Russo, telling him "there was no other way," and injects him with something. When the paramedics arrive, they find the man still strapped to the table, his heart removed, but still alive.

Peter and Walter Bishop, Agent Broyles and the Our World Olivia Dunham soon descend on Rye, where we learn that Mr. Russo died soon after the paramedics found him."

Fringe TV show Rye NY guy w stolen heart

Watch the episode (the Marionette, air-date 12/10/2010).


  1. Gotta love Hollywood… copying a KGB tactic used for assassinating Georgi Markov in the late 70’s, but instead of being politically linked, the victim is rubbed out in order to harvest body parts… and then the “heartless” man from Rye survives for a while without an essential body part (gee, successful people living in Rye really must be heartless!).

    The truth is, body harvesting is taking place today, but not in our back yard with wealthy individuals as the targets. China is fulfilling worldwide demand for body parts by taking out livers, kidneys, lungs, hearts, etc from soon-to-be executed prisoners, political and otherwise, making a hefty buck and eliminating opposition at the same time. “Made in China” takes on an ominous new meaning, doesn’t it?

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