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That’s Not Santa: Car Slams into Rye Home on Osborn Road

That's was not Santa rumbling down the chimney at 3am but a white Mercedes driving through your living room window.

That's what happened at 3am this morning to residents of 125 Osborn Road in Rye when a Mercedes came down Theall Road. The car did not stop at the intersection, drove across Osborn Road, jumped the curb and slammed into the home.

Apparently there were no injuries.

News 12 has the story.


  1. Oh come on My Rye report on who’s home that is. It wasn’t just any Rye home but the home to one of our bozo Rye politicians behind recent cuts to public safety. And who was the first on the scene? Oh right Rye’s Finest! all 2 of them working a midnight! Funny how karma strikes.

  2. How very sad it is that some people might actually think it is funny or “karma” that this accident happened. How about in the spirit of Christmas be glad that no one was seriously hurt or killed. I certainly didn’t want any of the budget cuts that happened, but I certainly don’t want bad things to happen to anyone that decided on the budget.

  3. Thank God no one in the Pickup family was hurt. If they or the driver had been hurt, and a slower response time or smaller response by them caused a tragedy, PBA Presdient Compagnone’s warning would have served as a grim epilogue.

    Excerpt from Compagnone’s December 17, 2010 letter:

    At what cost though? These Police
    budget cuts will be realized immediately. It has already effected the Police workforce for the last year and a half in the
    form of response time and safety. Ultimately Rye residents will suffer because of these detrimental cuts to their Police

  4. It’s not karma, it’s a coincidence. Review the definition of Karma, or it might come back to haunt you. It’s not Karma, in fact it’s not even a good example of irony.

    So, if Pickup and the Rye board members didn’t cut the police budget and there were, let’s say 5 cops, not 2 on duty…this kid wouldn’t have fallen asleep at the wheel and crashed into Pickup’s house? The 3 cops who “could” have been on duty are such great sleuth’s that they could have detected that a kid driving a Benz was sleepy? C’mon.

    Faulty thesis, at best…inane in fact.

  5. No i was going with what “Really” said in regards to response times. Thank God no one was hurt. but had another incident happened in the city prior this accident and the 2 cops were tied up at that incident and the kid or 1 of the family members was hurt, who is going to respond? Did you think about it like that? You really are a jack@$$. But then again you are probably Connors Pickup or French writing that comment.


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