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Amico: Icy and Punctuated About Snow Removal

Below is a letter dated Monday, January 3rd to MyRye.com from outspoken Rye resident Jim Amico of Midland Avenue:

Midland cross walk snow 12-2010

Here is a photo of just one of the many "CROSSWALKS" still blocked by snow plowed by the City of Rye! Care to take a guess at which CROSSWALK this is….this is where one little boy lost his life and another little boy nearly lost his/ Midland & Palisade!!!! School is back in and the crosswalks at this intersection are STILL BLOCKED by SNOW!!!

It took 2 days to clear the crosswalks on Purchase Street and around the train station on Purchase and Highland. The DPW guys were working hard to see these crosswalks were cleared, so I'm guessing clearing snow from "PLOWED IN CROSSWALKS" around Rye is the City's responsibility, if I am wrong please feel free to correct me!!!

BTW – I think our DPW did a GREAT job clearing the streets!!!

Curious, why a HIGH PROFILE Intersection like Midland and Palisade, where 2 CHILDREN were struck by cars, one FATALLY WOUNDED, is not a PRIORITY for CLEARING SNOW from the CROSSWALKS???????????


  1. Mr.Twitter,

    Are you familiar with the phrase “Anonymous is for Cowards”!
    “If you have nothing nice to say then SHUT YOUR MOUTH”! Or my personal favorite, “Shovel your own S***”!!!

    Sorry, I was too busy plowing out all the neighbors,friends,family and clearing the corners to tend to the crosswalks!

    How many crosswalks, corners, and neighbors did you bail out???

    FTR WiseA**, I have had 3 major shoulder operations, shoveling is not in the cards for me!!!

  2. Thanks’ here to Jimmy (and Jay) here for highlighting what looks like an oversight but probably is I suspect a repeated issue. Next time (if there is one) it happens please give me a call Jimmy and I’ll come over shovel it myself. Then we can send Jay a follow-up picture.

  3. As a post script it is now Thursday, January 6th. More snow is expected within 24 hours.
    The Southeast corner of Milton and Palisade ( again )- where there is a school crossing indicated by a yellow sign – is still not shoveled.
    Because it is the sidewalk as well, not only the grassy area between the concrete and the street, it may be the homeowner’s responsibility. I don’t know.
    If it is, are tickets being written?
    When the sidewalks are impassible people walk in the street which is not safe, obviously.

  4. Charmian,

    The next Council Meeting will be worth it.
    FTR – The fines don’t mean a damn to home owners right now…they are still $10 until March!

    “When the sidewalks are impassible people walk in the street which is not safe, obviously”…..


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