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Home Real Estate "Dream Rye Home" Featured in NY Post Actually a Huskie Hangout

“Dream Rye Home” Featured in NY Post Actually a Huskie Hangout

NY Post Fake Rye House

The New York Post just got snookered by local Houlihan Lawrence real estate agent Susy Glasgall.

A section called "Dream Homes" the NY Post featured a $6.985 million dollar "Rye" home.


The home is not in Rye, but is actually a "Huskie Hangout" – 10 Rockledge Road in Harrison with a Rye PO. Hey Postians, how about a little fact checking?

Here is part of their gooey and misleading write-up:

"Rye, NY $6.985 million
Wow — this looks like the kind of fantasy estate you see in the movies! OK, well, at least on FX: The 12,500-square-foot Georgian Colonial home, set on 2 acres, is being featured in a new series on that cable network called “Lights Out.” The show’s about a young boxer — and, yes, this seven-bedroom, 7½-bathroom mansion does include a home gym — as well as a recreation room, a home theater (so you can watch your own house on TV in style) and a wine cellar. And that’s just the lower level…"


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