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Jim & Ted’s Excellent Snow Adventure

SW Corner - finishing off -Midland and Palisade013

(PHOTO: Amico clears the way.)

Jim Amico and Ted Carroll are not shy, as any MyRye.com reader or Rye resident can attest.

Well, they were collectively steamed by more blocked crosswalks during Rye's latest snow storm. So they requisitioned a plow and shovel and went to work.

These fellows reported the following snowy stats:

  • On the Midland crossing, the uncleared snow on the eastern side of the avenue was 5 feet accross and 18 inches to 24 inches deep.
  • On the Midland crossing on the western side of the avenue the uncleared snow was 10 feet across and 18 to 24 inches deep.
  • On the Palisade Corner, the southern snow pile was 3 to 3 and a half feet deep and 10 feet accross.
  • On the Palisade Corner, the northern snow pile was 3 feey deep and 5 feet accross.

Here is the MyRye.com photo album of Jim & Ted's Excellent Snow Adventure.


  1. These are not just any corners & crosswalks! These are the corners where TWO CHILDREN were struck by oncoming traffic….one FATALLY wounded!

    I emailed in a complaint on this subject during the storm on 12/26.
    DPW came out immediately and took care of the problem.
    I thought, great, I won’t have to worry about this anymore…GUESS I WAS WRONG!

    At Wednesday night’s Council Meeting Bob Zahm asked; “who is responsible for clearing the snow from the corners after DPW has plowed it there”?
    City Manager Scott Pickup did his best to dance around this, but, Bob being Bob wasn’t having it.
    Finally, Mr.Pickup answered the question…”it is the City’s Responsibility to clear the corners”

    I think Mr.Pickup should get out there and shovel snow instead of dishing _ _ _ _!!!

    I wonder what the good people involved in the “Disability Act” would think if I wrote my next email to them, ofcourse with pictures of crosswalks designed for wheelchairs that are NOT ACCESSIBLE because of City Management IGNORANCE!!!!

  2. I find it incredible that the number isn’t easily quantifiable. I was surprised at the response to Sack’s question. This is way too simple of an issue to start with semantics. If you noticed, they even mentioned the PEO.

    When someone asks how many police officers Rye has on their force, it should be one number. To differentiate between “patrol” and something else only clouds the issue.

    If I ask ‘how many police officers does Rye have?’, I expect and answer such as “40, but this does not include the Commisionioner but does include all officers that are out on disability.” There — I have my answer! You could even add to it by saying that in addition to the 40 officers, there are two additional authorized positions that currently are not filled. But to give me a number (for example) of 33, but that does not include Sgts or Lts is absurd. Give me a total number of all who carry a shield, that is what I am asking. If you feel you want to break it down by rank, the feel free to do so. To do anything different is just going in circles…

  3. Jimmy — and Ted as much as I hate to say it 🙂 —
    are right here.
    Getting out and measuring the snow, recording the data, then shoveling it yourself is participatory government as it was meant to be.
    I wish they’d found their way up to the other end of Palisade at Milton where the corner is almost never clear. That, too, is a school crossing.
    The sad fact is as much as we talk about safe walks to school and green this and sustainable that, this community is maintained in a manner to support the Denalis and Yukons and their solitary occupants (on the telephone).
    Until there is a substantial change in attitude and clear sidewalks, and cross walks which are safe and respected by drivers, become more important than parking downtown for local residents, who could actually walk a block or two, we’ll never solve the problem of all our otherwise healthy young children being chauffered to school in private autos.
    Ask any neighbor from Japan or Holland or almost anywhere else on the planet and you’ll find out what a bizarre spectical that truly is.

  4. @Average Citizen – the number is easily quantifiable. This was not a matter of semantics. The Mayor simply did not know how many we employ let alone which ranks were included in the count.
    How can anyone in good faith act on a reduction in force with this little information?
    And no matter how it is spun it is inexcusable that the Police Commissioner was not present for the public forums. Ray Kelly and Bill Bratton routinely step up and respond to the people who pay their salaries.
    I would like to hear from the Police Commissioner if he signed off on the ill advised decision to cut a lt. position without a full grasp of it’s ramifications, and if he did, why?
    Further, I want to keep this issue on the front burner to ensure that Lt. Falk remains patrol lt.
    It’s never too late to admit you were mistaken and reverse the decision.

  5. Charmian, it was semantics. They are using the term ‘patrol’ when answering the question. As your husband will tell you, there is a difference between ‘police officer’ and ‘sergeant.’ But to the layperson, there isn’t.

    If I ask the mayor how many police offiers there are in Rye, I expect that number to include all ranks. Not 33, then find out the next day that this number was only patrol officers and not supervisors.

    I hope it doesn’t seem like I am bashing anyone — because I am not. I know that the mayor and city manager know this number. I just don’t like when questions that should be easily asnwered, are not. One other point that irked me — when addressing the number of officers, the PEO came up. If you are going to include civillian employees, then make it 100% clear.

    And BTW…the police commsioner is a civillian.

  6. What was striking yesterday was the spectacle of very young children sliding into slow moving traffic on Palisade off the snow pilings left by the city at that crossing. This was taking place exactly where you see Jimmy shoveling in this particular photo – and obviously before we dug out the regular crosswalk access (see Jimmy’s truck work prepping the spot in the slide show). This is a very busy intersection with lots of escorted and unescorted children moving though from the 3 pm-ish Midland School dismissal.

    Because the south side of the intersection crossing plate on the sidewalk was under 3 to 3 and a half feet of plowings, the kids had moved their tiny snow snaked up and down path further west up Palisade – putting their snow shoot slide access to the street directly into the stopping spot of the cars. Some of the car/kid interactions were scary. I couldn’t believe that over 24 hours after the last snowfall the city was not attending to this. A city pickup truck type plow did come down Palisade (3:30 pm-ish) and slow down and watched us dig. But then he made a right on Midland and was seen no more.

  7. Pickup seems to be in over his head.

    He doesn’t know who is responsible for this snow removal?

    He doesn’t know how many cops work in Rye?

    He orders Connors not to come to a Council meeting about the Rye PD?

    He doesn’t know that Connors appears to be a terminal cancer who has destroyed the Rye PD and their morale?

    Where is the Central Ave bridge to nowhere?

    Where are the repairs to the Theodore fremd wall?

    Where is the Sluice gate?

    Where is the $1,000,000 in grants for the bird?

    Why is he paying tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to prevent two subpoenaed public employees from testifying in a public court case?

    Frank Culross was always professional. He didn’t always agree with you or give you what you wanted but he was professional about it. He knew what he was doing and he knew Rye inside and out. He always responded to questions. He was always available and always held his subordinates accountable.

    In my view Pickup has none of these qualities.

    Novak and Shew were both disasters in their own right. Pickup is on the fast track to becoming another disaster.

  8. Hmm – “Fees are too … high” – Pickup is non responsive, not available, non-professional, etc. Have you ever tried calling him? Stopping by his office? Dropping him a note? I have and he’s been forthright and helpful – in terms of explaining the situation, managing my expectations about what will / might /won’t get done, returning my calls, etc. I wonder if you’ve ever tried to approach Scott other than through an anonymous criticism.

    While I feel stonewalled BY THE CITY on a couple of my pedestrian safety issues, that was exactly the same situation under Mr. Culross. Scott is, at least, visibly engaging.

  9. Bob:

    As a former school board member did you ever order Dr. Shine to not come to a school board meeting because you were going to discuss the Rye City Schools budget?

    Next time you drop Scott a note or stop by to see him could you ask him to answer these questions.

    Who is responsible for this snow removal and WHEN is it going to be taken care of?

    How many cops work in Rye?

    Why did he order Connors not to come to a Council meeting about the Rye PD?

    Does he know that Connors appears to be a terminal cancer who has destroyed the Rye PD and their morale?

    Where is the Central Ave bridge to nowhere?

    Why was paying off the CVS building more important than replacing a bridge vital to Rye’s transportation and a sluice gate that is key to the flood mitigation we need?

    Where are the repairs to the Theodore fremd wall?

    Where is the Sluice gate?

    Where is the $1,000,000 in grants for the bird?

    Why is he paying tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to prevent two subpoenaed public employees from testifying in a public court case?

    Why isn’t the Corporation Counsel handling the City’s unprecedented legal action to prevent two Rye employees from testifying in the Schubert matter instead of outside lawyer$$$$$?

    Does the Corporation Counsel have a conflict concerning the Schubert matter? If yes, what is the conflict?

  10. I don’t think that Pickup, French, et. al., are in over their heads. I think that they are rookies, and rookies are going to make missteps (and mistakes). The residents of Rye voted for a new slate, and there will be a learning curve. Sometimes they stumble over something as simple as the voting process. Hey — could you or I do better? If so, then get your asss down to the Board of Elections with your nomination petition in hand.

    Again, we voted in a new slate — give them time to learn the ropes. The same with Pickup.

    And remember: not every issue is going to go your way. Deal with it!

  11. First of all, kudos to Jimmy and Ted for taking it upon themselves to clear these crosswalks.

    That said, I just have to wonder why the people who live in front of these crosswalks – or any crosswalk that is near private property – don’t just shovel them.

    I know it’s technically the City’s responsibility, but if you have to shovel your sidewalks, is it that hard to just take a few extra minutes and do the right thing instead of waiting for the city?

  12. Freshgreenlight – While some of the snow we cleared was deposited naturally, the deepest, highest piles were deposited there by city plow activity. That’s why Jimmy needed to use his truck plow. No homeowner without one could have cleared these ‘man made’ obstacles.

  13. “Fees are too … high” you must live in a very interesting, but alternate universe. I never “order” anyone to do anything. Trying to do so with my kids certainly doesn’t work well. So forget about ordering Dr. Shine to do anything.

    Now, if you choose to live in the same universe I’m in, you’ll actually opt for direct conversation with your elected officials and paid employees instead of working through third parties and blogs. But heh, you’ve already demonstrated by hiding behind an avatar that you don’t believe in your stated opinions strongly enough to come out in public with your real name. And the “questions” you ask are not really to drive out answers to which you’ll listen, but rather re-statement of positions intended to criticize our local government.

    Have fun behind your masque, but how about making a bit more productive use of your (and our) time?

  14. Let me get a clear understanding of the issue.

    1.) Each Rye homeowner, business, multi-family dwelling, school or church must clear their sidewalks of snow within 24 hours of the end of the storm or face a fine. It’s the law.

    2.) Removal of snow from the crosswalks, and access to them from sidewalks, is the City’s responsibility? Is this true?

    3.) However a problem exists. Whose responsibility is it regarding the removal of snow from corner crosswalks and sidewalks especially when the City has “plowed in” these corners (including the crosswalks and sidewalks) while clearing the roads?

    It would seem to me that the City should comply with the same 24-hour requirement for sidewalk or crosswalk snow removal as it imposes on its citizens. If unable to do so, then the City should change the law so that all responsible parties are uniformly subject to the same requirements. Why are Rye’s citizens being held to a higher standard than the City itself is able to achieve?

  15. Old Garnet,

    You are correct!
    Property owners are ONLY responsible for the clearing of their sidewalks!

    The City is responsible for the corners and crosswalks!

    As the City Code is written, the City CAN NOT hold the homeowner responsible for the corners or the crosswalks!

    I complained about this during the 1st big storm on 12/26 and they came right out and cleared the corners and crosswalks.
    I waited 48hrs this time before going out there and doing it myself along with some help from Ted!

  16. Yikes! Average Citizen…I don’t read MyRye everyday so I just saw your comment.
    What I meant when I said it is not semantics is that our Mayor should not hide behind that term, which often has the effect of minimizing a legitimate point. Regardless of the term used ( the semantics piece ) our Mayor clearly did not know how many men and women are on the force. He wasn’t mistakenly including civilians – pehaps our City Manager was – I don’t remember. Our Mayor simply did not know the answer, your assurances not withstanding. He needed to be corrected if you recall.
    Semantics would be if he gave an answer using one term when the question called for another.
    The City Manager knew the number, that was clear, but the Mayor didn’t.
    The “yikes” refers to your well meaning phrase “as your husband will tell you”. My husband is a retired detective, first grade, and I take pride in his accomplishments, but I don’t need him to tell me the diference between a police officer and a sargeant. I think my remarks to the council the night in question reveal I’m reasonably well informed on the subject of law enforcement.
    I think we’re on the same page here otherwise as are the other commenters. Do you agree?

  17. I understand Old Garnet’s question and I’ve asked as well. With corner properties I’ve noticed homeowners often only shovel to the corner. They do not shovel around the corner ( the sidewalk part for which they are responsible ) and do not shovel the length of sidewalk along the side of their property.
    Yes, the plows can make the corners and cross walks nearly impossible to shovel without motorized equipment but I’ve seen homes where no effort was even made. Shoveling in front of your house is not sufficient if you live on the corner.

  18. Steve / OG – You’ve got the points just right. And this was part of the point I was trying to get at the City Council meeting 12 Jan. There are many places throughout the city where city snow plows have piled up snow either on sidewalks or on the street abutting sidewalks making passage without ice axe, hiking boots, and – in some cases – pitons almost impossible. There may be ambiguity in the current city “code”, but if it’s on a public street, that would seem to make it the city’s responsibility to clear it. And hopefully that doesn’t mean just dumping / pushing / shoving it on to the adjacent property owner’s property.

  19. Another point, I’m afraid, Average Citizen. Citizens have an absolute right to expect quality from day one regardless of whether or not they could “do better” themselves.
    A group learning curve is unacceptable. Rye cannot wait more than a year for our elected officials to get up to speed, nor can it wait for the professionals we employ to gain the necessary skills. Both Pickup and Wilson served for years under their predecessors so they should be qualified to do their jobs now. I have no doubt that they are. I cannot say the same for our elected officials.
    Elections are often staggered so not every seat is vacant at once to avoid a bunch of “rookies” playing catch up. Rye deserves better.
    By the way, I haven’t seen that much change – other than we lost a significant amount of institutional knowledge – causing the “stumbles” you mentioned.
    A significant minority of Rye residents predicted these missteps would occur with a slate of rookies and they voted to keep the council and Mayor’s office as it was to prevent the situation we have today. They were outvoted – in a large part by the coattail effect of Rob Astorino.
    The minority still has the right to expect informed experienced representation. The thought that “Rye” voted for a new slate so we have to live with rookie mistakes is ridiculous.”Deal with it” is not an adult response to legitimate problems.

    PS. As a matter of fact, yes, I could do better 🙂

  20. A big thanks to Jim Amico and Ted Carroll. I don’t live by the Midland crossing but it’s great to see residents take pride in their town and do the right thing!


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