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MyRye.com House Solar Electric Panels Featured

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Alteris Renewables, the largest design-build renewable energy company in the Northeast, recently featured the solar electric panels installed on the MyRye.com House on its web site:

"The new solar system needed to perform well, offset the family’s power bills, and look good. Alteris brought its in-depth experience and expertise to the process, working closely with the family to engineer a system that blended seamlessly with their expanded home…

Alteris also helped to make the installation easy and affordable, guiding Jay through the process of applying for state and federal tax incentives, which offset more than 60% of the project costs. Now Jay and Lauren and their boys can enjoy the beautiful, clean powerplant on their roof that will save money and reduce their carbon footprint for at least the next 25 years."

A MyRye.com shout out to Alteris, Green Home Consulting, BHK Builders and JJL Properties who made it all possible. Go green. After we have 6-12 months of power bills, MyRye.com will report about the overall contribution of the Alteris solar array and other green initiatives at the MyRye.com House.


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