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Rye’s Latimer Throws Metro North Under the Bus

News flash: Metro North New Haven line service continues to suck.

In a letter to some Albany compatriots, local Assemblyman and Rye resident George Latimer throws Metro North under the proverbial bus. MyRye.com also suggests making them wait an extra 20 minutes for the proverbial bus in bad weather, have a very stinky proverbial bus and make sure there is standing room only on the proverbial bus.

Here is Latimer's flame thrower. What do you think? Leave a comment below.

TO: Assembly Corporations & Authorities Committee Staff

FROM: George Latimer, Assemblyman, 91st A.D.

RE: MTA-Metro-North Service, New Haven Line

Understanding that at present, we are awaiting the appointment of an Assembly Member to succeed former Assemblyman Brodsky as Chair of the Assembly Corporations & Authorities Committee, I'd like to make a top priority for committee attention the lack of service residents of Westchester are receiving as commuters on the New Haven Line of Metro North. I have received a significant number of letters and e-mails, which I am happy to provide for committee review, detailing incidents of poor service, some not at all related to the weather, and the continuing frustration experienced by commuters using out-of-date train cars, awaiting the overdue launch of new equipment on that line.

While I have written Metro North personnel to protest conditions, their recent response to my communication is unsatisfactory. I believe it will take the Assembly and Senate's diligence particularly at this budget season, to hold Metro North accountable to an angry public – a public, I might add, that has faced rising fares along with service problems, and the added MTA tax that was recently imposed.

The New Haven Line serves 5 stations in my district (New Rochelle, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Rye and Port Chester) as well as those in Assembly member Pretlow (Mt. Vernon), Paulin (Pelham) and Castelli (Harrison), plus station(s) in the Bronx, notably Fordham. I'm sure all my colleagues will attest to the response of their commuter population as well.

Thanks for your attention to this important matter.


  1. Assemblyman Latimer is very responsive. I encourage everyone who has been subjected to the horrible Metro North service to write him and encourage the efforts to hold the MTA accountable.

  2. Assemblyman Latimer has demagogued the issue. I encourage everyone who has been subjected to the horrible Metro North service to ask him why there was no order placed for replacement rail cars for so many long years and who specifically is accountable for that failure – and what their Florida addresses and phone numbers are.


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