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Slobs: Rye Middle School Breakfast Ban

Breakfast NO

It has happened before. Monday afternoon, Rye Middle School sixth graders were banned from eating breakfast in the high school cafeteria after leaving a giant mess. Assistant Principal DeRuvo, in an email to parent, said the ban was open-ended:

"Until further notice, the sixth graders will not be permitted to have breakfast in the high school cafeteria.  The students, who ate there this morning, left a huge mess and refused to clean up – even when asked to do so by the aide.  I apologize to those students who do clean up after themselves, but this is not the first time this month that students did not clean up after eating breakfast.     

Joseph V. DeRuvo
Assistant Principal
Rye Middle School"

  1. How PATHETIC!!! What BRATS!

    It’s a shame that all students have to be punished for the doings of others.

    Maybe we can print the names of their parents so they can share the responsibility and embarrassment…after all, this is what they are taught at home!!!

  2. Shocking, the nannies and house cleaners weren’t there to pick-up after the 6th graders?! What is wrong with you, Mr. DeRuvo! BTW: Cleaning up after themselves has been banned at home in Rye since 1992; the “help” does that, dear sir. Maybe the parents can chip in to hire said “help” to clean up after their kids at school, too?!


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